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Mumbai got wet today..

“Little drops of water” And Mumbai got wet today. The monsoon started early this year and I don’t think anyone could have been more grateful. We had a real hot summer and many areas of the country observed severe drought. In such a situation monsoon has been a big respite for all. As I told earlier in my post First Rain that i have a special bond with this season. Though many of my friends complain about the mud, the water logging, delayed trains, traffic jams and all other bad things rain cause, I just hear all that smugly. Because I love rains 🙂 No one can make me hate it.   “Fresh life” When it rains and I look at the plants in my small but cosy balcony, I feel they are smiling with small beautiful droplets of water on their face! They are dancing with the winds and are lush with new life infused.   “Wet earth” The torturous heat is gone. It’s time to get all the torridness out and get filled …

First Rain

“Dark clouds, cold breeze & dancing trees, mellow sound of droplets clashing on leaves, roof and window crease, cloudburst that roars and the weather that cleanses your soul, I love rains because it makes everything beautiful and whole.” Today Mumbai saw its first rain of the year. And I am so thrilled when I post this picture here. I love rains. I have a special bonding with monsoon. I feel happy in this season. Rains make everything beautiful. Like it washes away all the dirt and dust and makes everything shine, rains cleanse my soul too. It fills me with happy thoughts, my creative juices flow. I welcomed the season through my window this morning at 5 a.m. and this picture is a glimpse of it. Many more beautiful posts and pictures to come this season. Happy Rains, Happy Monsoon!


“My mornings are unlike the night, calm yet ready for the bustle. I wake up to sun, land and water. I am torn the entire day, but i never sleep….i am the city of dreams” This picture is clicked early one morning while driving towards Malabar Hills in South of Mumbai. I have never seen such serene morning before, in the city. The water is calm, the sight vast and the sun inspiring energy.