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Do not be afraid to walk alone

  I was till date struggling to find the words and a picture that would sketch what I look forward to this year and what I would like to send as wishes to all my wonderful readers here. Words started flowing as I listened to the poetry that has inspired me since childhood. You can read my New Year post on it here. Many of us regret what we could not do the entire year, but I was surprisingly happy when I did a little exercise as I sat on my work desk, on New Year’s eve, sipping some hot lemon ginger tea. I took out a little piece of paper from my bag and decided to list ONLY the GOOD things about 2013. Things, people, moments that made me happier, made me a better professional and a better person. I was delighted to see that despite of few downs there were plenty of ups in my life. There were so many things I should cherish. This inspired me to do more this year. To …

Some shade to sleep

  ” I have been up for long, fetching attention of mother and people around, my world is small, i look for only love and embrace. I need to energize, to jump again and leap, i have found some shade to sleep.” I located this cute little puppy during my recent travel back home. At one of the bus stopovers, when the passengers and on goers were busy grabbing a bite, the puppy unruffled by its surroundings was enjoying a good afternoon sleep under the shade. The mother of the pup was sleeping at a distance with a constant eye on its child. The scene perfectly depicted how young ones are. And that’s what my micro poetry describes in its sentiment. I still miss my afternoon sleeps, i guess they are the most refreshing ones! Do you love your afternoon sleep too? More importantly do you get to steal one, in a life full of Post its and never ending To-do lists?

Where waves come to a pause

There always are moments which come once in a lifetime. I believe my visit to Langkawi was one such. Things which i saw and experienced here made me realize that beauty, memories, experiences have no boundaries and not confined to places. This picture is one of my treasured gems and is quite ironical. We have always heard that “time and tide wait for none”. But such is the power of human brain that we have built “Wave Breakers”. This wave breaker was shot when i was about to land at Langkawi. Langkawi is a small island and it is said that few years back when there was a devastating Tsunami in the region, it was because of this wave breaker that destruction was not as worse as it could have been. The beauty of this wave breaker in the middle of the sea is just mesmerizing. Through my entire flight time from Kuala Lampur to Langkawi i did not sleep, in anticipation that i might miss an astonishing view. And i guess i made a …

Photo Inspiration – Compassion

This picture is of a sign board pole in front of a street cafe at Pentai Cenang street, Langkawi. This was an instant click. I loved the colors the board had with different plates, which said “Hello” in different languages. I guess there were more than 30! The words which go with the picture, inspire to trash all negative thoughts and emotions of resentment. Once we rise above these feelings and cover them with the sheet of compassion, we become focused towards our dreams and hence growth!

Love for Art

  Art always inspires me, be it in any form. However i have a little more inclination towards painting, music and crafts. No matter where they exist in the world, whether you know the language of the people who create them, whether you understand the lore behind it or not – doesn’t matter. All that matters is a heart that loves it in its true form and appreciates its purity. This picture was clicked at one of the local markets of Ahmedabad. It was a beautiful evening spent at the street at leisure, chit chatting with the craftsmen and sellers. The boxes in the picture are hand crafted and the art form is called “Meenakari”. Meenakari is like a burst of colors with hues of yellow, red, green in prominence. Do not the know the origin of this craft but it proudly nestles in the state of Gujarat and Rajasthan.