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Where waves come to a pause

There always are moments which come once in a lifetime. I believe my visit to Langkawi was one such. Things which i saw and experienced here made me realize that beauty, memories, experiences have no boundaries and not confined to places. This picture is one of my treasured gems and is quite ironical. We have always heard that “time and tide wait for none”. But such is the power of human brain that we have built “Wave Breakers”. This wave breaker was shot when i was about to land at Langkawi. Langkawi is a small island and it is said that few years back when there was a devastating Tsunami in the region, it was because of this wave breaker that destruction was not as worse as it could have been. The beauty of this wave breaker in the middle of the sea is just mesmerizing. Through my entire flight time from Kuala Lampur to Langkawi i did not sleep, in anticipation that i might miss an astonishing view. And i guess i made a …


“My mornings are unlike the night, calm yet ready for the bustle. I wake up to sun, land and water. I am torn the entire day, but i never sleep….i am the city of dreams” This picture is clicked early one morning while driving towards Malabar Hills in South of Mumbai. I have never seen such serene morning before, in the city. The water is calm, the sight vast and the sun inspiring energy.