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Dare the sky

Right at the peak have I reached or am I yet to take the flight? I stare at the sky and dare it; The vastness, the fear to get lost, the journey alone, Should I be afraid or rejoice? I stare at the sky one more time, I am taking the flight; absorb me in your infiniteness. This picture is from my trip to my hometown last month. This beautiful bird, sat mightily on the branch of an almost barren tree, staring the sun. The silhouette was just picture perfect. It resonated with the thought that crosses our mind, before we take the plunge to change our lives! Have you faced your “Dare the Sky” moment yet? Share your thoughts here. Advertisements

Silent words

“Kalaghoda” festival (in English it translates to “Black Horse”) is an annual art festival that happens in Mumbai. Kalaghoda is synonym to the street where art & literature dwells. It is located in the posh locale of South Mumbai. This is the first time I walked the lane during the festival and this is what I came back home with: Few glimpses and the silent words they speak “Fashion & Food” If I am plain, I am a poor man’s earning; if I am embellished, I am a rich man’s show. “Human Tree” Cutting our own roots. “Burden of Rocks” But still knows how to move on. “Strings attached” “A lost network” Once a messenger, now a piece of adornment. “Old & Wearied, but dressed up for tomorrow” Someone’s reject, others hope. “The Dark Horse” Pride in Silence.

Camera Lore

Do not be afraid to walk alone

  I was till date struggling to find the words and a picture that would sketch what I look forward to this year and what I would like to send as wishes to all my wonderful readers here. Words started flowing as I listened to the poetry that has inspired me since childhood. You can read my New Year post on it here. Many of us regret what we could not do the entire year, but I was surprisingly happy when I did a little exercise as I sat on my work desk, on New Year’s eve, sipping some hot lemon ginger tea. I took out a little piece of paper from my bag and decided to list ONLY the GOOD things about 2013. Things, people, moments that made me happier, made me a better professional and a better person. I was delighted to see that despite of few downs there were plenty of ups in my life. There were so many things I should cherish. This inspired me to do more this year. To …

A morning after this night

A medley of thoughts A song which was sung before A time that always stands still, But I know there is a morning to this night. A fight between now & then A struggle of heart over mind, There exists a morning to this night. I am a phoenix a-rise from ashes, A new dawn and I bath in the shining water of rays I always knew there is a morning after this night.     P.S -The poetry is about the highs and lows of life. When we hit a bump we undergo emotions, which have been experienced before. We fail to recognise that better times await once we are through with this night of confusion and despair. The morning here is synonymous to the “better times” and night to the time of hopelessness. I clicked the above picture when i was out for a jog, on a cold foggy morning, in Pune. The scene created by the rising sun amidst the silhouettes of coconut trees found an apt connection to my poetry!

Some shade to sleep

  ” I have been up for long, fetching attention of mother and people around, my world is small, i look for only love and embrace. I need to energize, to jump again and leap, i have found some shade to sleep.” I located this cute little puppy during my recent travel back home. At one of the bus stopovers, when the passengers and on goers were busy grabbing a bite, the puppy unruffled by its surroundings was enjoying a good afternoon sleep under the shade. The mother of the pup was sleeping at a distance with a constant eye on its child. The scene perfectly depicted how young ones are. And that’s what my micro poetry describes in its sentiment. I still miss my afternoon sleeps, i guess they are the most refreshing ones! Do you love your afternoon sleep too? More importantly do you get to steal one, in a life full of Post its and never ending To-do lists?