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Through the Vintage lanes of Mumbai (photo series-part III)

    “Of people and nature, colors and textures, Infusing and blending together, creating its own form, Art as it should be – free, imaginative, and soulful, Inspired from life, around and within.” This picture is of a street at Kala Ghoda in South of Mumbai. Kala Ghoda which in english means (Black Horse) is popular for its culture of arts. You will find here the famous Jehangir Art Gallery were many artists display their work. Right outside the art gallery you would see some astonishing work done by some not so famous or aspiring artists. From portraits, to sketches, to handicraft you would find art in its various forms here all inspired from people and life. Advertisements


“I paint because I don’t speak your language. Words are beautiful and my brush lays them on the wall” This picture is of one of the cottages at Saguna Baug, which is a beautiful farm stay on the outskirts of Mumbai. Warlis are tribes residing on coast and mountains of Gujarat & Maharashtra. Interestingly their paintings resemble to those done between 500 to 10,000 BCE. Though I can’t decipher what the painting meant, i believe it symbolizes farm, flora.