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A morning after this night

A medley of thoughts A song which was sung before A time that always stands still, But I know there is a morning to this night. A fight between now & then A struggle of heart over mind, There exists a morning to this night. I am a phoenix a-rise from ashes, A new dawn and I bath in the shining water of rays I always knew there is a morning after this night.     P.S -The poetry is about the highs and lows of life. When we hit a bump we undergo emotions, which have been experienced before. We fail to recognise that better times await once we are through with this night of confusion and despair. The morning here is synonymous to the “better times” and night to the time of hopelessness. I clicked the above picture when i was out for a jog, on a cold foggy morning, in Pune. The scene created by the rising sun amidst the silhouettes of coconut trees found an apt connection to my poetry! Advertisements

Wanderlust of Rain

  A wait of months, A struggle of a year, and I was transformed. I teared the clouds, I swayed in the arms of air, I can see what lies beneath. I touched the cheeks of trees, Knocked the windowsill and kissed the ground. I am floating, to mix with the sea, the skies await, A mingled chain, wanderlust of Rain.

First Rain

“Dark clouds, cold breeze & dancing trees, mellow sound of droplets clashing on leaves, roof and window crease, cloudburst that roars and the weather that cleanses your soul, I love rains because it makes everything beautiful and whole.” Today Mumbai saw its first rain of the year. And I am so thrilled when I post this picture here. I love rains. I have a special bonding with monsoon. I feel happy in this season. Rains make everything beautiful. Like it washes away all the dirt and dust and makes everything shine, rains cleanse my soul too. It fills me with happy thoughts, my creative juices flow. I welcomed the season through my window this morning at 5 a.m. and this picture is a glimpse of it. Many more beautiful posts and pictures to come this season. Happy Rains, Happy Monsoon!

Connected lives

“The beauty lies in growing together, mutual care & dependence, alone we would have been a tree and creeper together we are an art of nature” This picture is of a mango tree right outside our office in Colombo (Sri Lanka). A mango tree has never caught my eye before like this, because it has never looked so lush green and opulent. The creeper might not hold any significance alone but they together looked like a live painting. True piece of nature’s art!