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Silent words

“Kalaghoda” festival (in English it translates to “Black Horse”) is an annual art festival that happens in Mumbai. Kalaghoda is synonym to the street where art & literature dwells. It is located in the posh locale of South Mumbai. This is the first time I walked the lane during the festival and this is what I came back home with: Few glimpses and the silent words they speak “Fashion & Food” If I am plain, I am a poor man’s earning; if I am embellished, I am a rich man’s show. “Human Tree” Cutting our own roots. “Burden of Rocks” But still knows how to move on. “Strings attached” “A lost network” Once a messenger, now a piece of adornment. “Old & Wearied, but dressed up for tomorrow” Someone’s reject, others hope. “The Dark Horse” Pride in Silence. Advertisements

Some shade to sleep

  ” I have been up for long, fetching attention of mother and people around, my world is small, i look for only love and embrace. I need to energize, to jump again and leap, i have found some shade to sleep.” I located this cute little puppy during my recent travel back home. At one of the bus stopovers, when the passengers and on goers were busy grabbing a bite, the puppy unruffled by its surroundings was enjoying a good afternoon sleep under the shade. The mother of the pup was sleeping at a distance with a constant eye on its child. The scene perfectly depicted how young ones are. And that’s what my micro poetry describes in its sentiment. I still miss my afternoon sleeps, i guess they are the most refreshing ones! Do you love your afternoon sleep too? More importantly do you get to steal one, in a life full of Post its and never ending To-do lists?

Monday Inspiration

Though I have been off on a week long vacation, I am back with much inspiration and refreshment. I guess this quote is a fore lore of the same 🙂 This picture was clicked at the Churchgate local station in Mumbai. I just loved the scene where there was an old vintage clock, some empty benches, a halted train and passerby who were just carrying on with their journeys and life. I am on a crossroad where I am thinking of what to do next. The lines originated to depict my feelings and what is going on in my mind right now. The picture was a perfect fit as when we look at the clock we know that time is running,but we don’t know what the next hour holds for us. Hope my thoughts bring in some inspiration for you too.

Street Food Delight @ Railway Station

On World Photography day i was thinking hard what to post on my blog. And then a bulb flashed above my head and my heart screamed “FOOD”. Of-course! That’s what we do when we celebrate all good days (it’s another thing that i do not wait for an occasion to dig myself into food gluttony) Local train stations in Mumbai, though most of the times are the places where you would not like to stay for long (because of the simple body crushing crowd) but is somewhere, most of us (Mumbaikars) spend our daily lives. These stations are also a breeding ground for hunger starved scavengers like me. You will find the most awesome snacks here and one of them is “Aamchi Bhel” (Our Bhel in Marathi). I do not how to describe Bhel to perfection, but it is in brief a sumptuous, mouth-watering mixture of various fried snacks. A dash of batter coated peanuts, finely chopped onions and fresh tomatoes, some spicy green chilli, dash of zesty lemon , some puffed rice and all …

A dreamwalk through the gourmet lane of Mumbai!

It was my first ever visit to the all famous Mohammad Ali Road of Mumbai and that too during the month of Ramadan or Eid-Ul-Fitr. After a week long dilly dallying i shrugged my inertia and took on my heart and love for food to the gastronomic lane of Mumbai. I do not know any nook and corner of the road but i just wanted to confirm all the wonderful stories i had heard about the sea of specialty cuisine (almost all Ramadan special street food) this street offers. So take your seat, put your tea or coffee besides you and walk with me through the lane which is every food connoisseur’s dream. It was 5 in the evening and i stepped out of my taxi. I could just see loads of vehicles and people walking in one direction. I followed them. I could see some lights and glitters here and there and i knew my destination is not too far. I asked an enthusiastic cap seller the address and he replied – “Oh (with …