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A dreamwalk through the gourmet lane of Mumbai!

It was my first ever visit to the all famous Mohammad Ali Road of Mumbai and that too during the month of Ramadan or Eid-Ul-Fitr. After a week long dilly dallying i shrugged my inertia and took on my heart and love for food to the gastronomic lane of Mumbai. I do not know any nook and corner of the road but i just wanted to confirm all the wonderful stories i had heard about the sea of specialty cuisine (almost all Ramadan special street food) this street offers. So take your seat, put your tea or coffee besides you and walk with me through the lane which is every food connoisseur’s dream. It was 5 in the evening and i stepped out of my taxi. I could just see loads of vehicles and people walking in one direction. I followed them. I could see some lights and glitters here and there and i knew my destination is not too far. I asked an enthusiastic cap seller the address and he replied – “Oh (with …

Theory of open spaces

Air, water, earth – where these three combine I love that place; yes I love open spaces. Since childhood I hate staying indoors for long or living in apartments. The irony is that now I do live in an apartment. Open spaces make you feel alive, you breathe the place, you taste the air, and you sense the water. This picture is of a farm near Mumbai. It’s nestled amidst beautiful date and coconut trees, has paddy, onion and cabbage fields and farm animals. It is a perfect memoir that makes me smile. It reminds me of my childhood, how I used to play out in the sun. It reminds me of my wonderful travels, where I have explored the city on foot. It reminds me of how bad I crave for it now. Probably because when we were not a developed race we had bigger spaces, bigger hearts and happier lives!

Paint my roof black

I have a thing for Roof tiles. Primarily because my childhood has been spent in a house with roof tiles. I love them. Though during summers they become hot during the day, they can beat any air conditioner during nights. But roof tiles can be nasty during rains. The picture is one of the roof tile house in Mumbai. The man on the roof is preparing it for the monsoons. This was new to me. People get their roofs coated with tar so that they can make it waterproof! Brilliant! Apart from the roof tiles what i love in this picture is the stark difference between the way people live in Mumbai. Right behind the man you can see a tall building, where people wouldn’t care much about leakage through their roof (in most cases :D) and on the other side the people in such houses plan way ahead to get their houses protected from rain leaks. This does not mean they are poor, they just enjoy hugging their heritage everyday 🙂