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Look out of the window

  I wrote this post to ease the pain in my heart. I am finding something amiss for the last few days. This happens once in a while when I get too occupied with my work and household responsibilities. Today I am happy because couple of months back I found the courage to follow my heart. I quit my luxurious corporate job and I now work for a startup that supports small farmers. As I write this post, I am sitting in a canteen of a tribal development center, in the interiors of Gujarat. The sun has set and I only hear some folk music in the background. Whenever I travel to places away from home I connect to my mind and soul. I ask them if they are happy. But today my soul said that it has missed that one thing I have always loved – sharing my experiences through my blog. Few months back when I had not quit my job, I used to read a lot and blog. Then, I wasn’t too busy but …

Sharing Love

What can be a better time than this week, to begin a small initiative – “Sharing Love”. All of us have learnt or acquired something in life that can be shared with others. This might inspire them, help them or just give them a moment of happiness. Via “Sharing Love” I will make an effort to make someone happy. This week, because it is the week of Love (Read: Valentine’s Day), I am making Free memorable Wallpapers! Missing your partner, spouse, love of your life or simply want to freeze a memory on your phone or laptop – this is how I will make your moment of love & inspiration come true: 1. Send me your favorite picture – this could be your picture with your Valentine, your Pet, your BFF or a picture that has always inspired you 2. Share in few words what made that moment special or a quick story behind the picture (can be as short as your Twitter or Facebook post) 3. I will make a wallpaper of this picture …

The love story of a marraige

  “Of sarees and wedding gowns, Of cheerful faces and few frowns, Of broken hearts and love stories Of a relationship that must dwell in peace.” With love in the air and the season of wed locks, one just cannot stay unscathed from the spirit of marriage. From the day we start gaining senses of worldly demeanor, we dream about getting married. We think of soul mates and partners for life. For that is what we see around. Our parents, relatives, social circles and let us not forget the movies that make you gooey in the heart and weak in the knees. The reality seeps in when we actually get into a marriage or see a close relation into one (where we are the receptor of daily dose of information of all the highs and lows of a relationship). Let me list and explain what I feel marriages are usually described as (to be hinging on), by the wise around us. And the truth which is always unsaid. –         Trust:  It would wander (read, innate …

Love for Art

  Art always inspires me, be it in any form. However i have a little more inclination towards painting, music and crafts. No matter where they exist in the world, whether you know the language of the people who create them, whether you understand the lore behind it or not – doesn’t matter. All that matters is a heart that loves it in its true form and appreciates its purity. This picture was clicked at one of the local markets of Ahmedabad. It was a beautiful evening spent at the street at leisure, chit chatting with the craftsmen and sellers. The boxes in the picture are hand crafted and the art form is called “Meenakari”. Meenakari is like a burst of colors with hues of yellow, red, green in prominence. Do not the know the origin of this craft but it proudly nestles in the state of Gujarat and Rajasthan.  

Love for food (series)

“A puddle of mush, a gush of sweetness and the soft charm of pink & white, A perfect potion to detox all blues” Charles de Gaulle and the beauty of the airport lies in all things beautiful that it houses! Be it souvenirs, drinks, chocolates or food, you just cant get enough of it. An early morning flight and an aimless stroll landed me in front of this cake. It was so stunning that i kept standing there for few minutes till i got disturbed by the enthusiasm of few kids to touch the piece. Food is an art. It is not restricted by language, country, culture. It is adorned by the connoisseurs of love and life. P.S-”Love for Food (Series)” is a lore of my experience with food across countries, cities, town & cuisines. My love for food is captured in this series with unforgettable memoirs which keeps its taste lingering forever!