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A morning cup, a morning thought

What happens when you listen to a beautiful song? The one that makes you forget the rest and think or feel only the good things around you and inside you? My morning cup of tea does the same. It is like that beautiful song that cleanses my mind and heart. I have lived in the illusion to search inspiration from bigger things in life. A legendary TED talk, a wonderful article or an inspiring story. The bubble burst this morning when I took the first sip from my cup of tea. With the speed of light I felt inspired. I mumbled to myself “Things will work out, they have to! Like they always did in the past” Today if you feel tired or disheartened, if you do not have an answer to that question – look around. Look closely into smaller objects, incidences or moments. Sometimes the most insignificant pieces talk the most sense. They lie right there in front of our eyes and we miss them. If you are still struggling with your mind: …

Camera Lore

Do not be afraid to walk alone

  I was till date struggling to find the words and a picture that would sketch what I look forward to this year and what I would like to send as wishes to all my wonderful readers here. Words started flowing as I listened to the poetry that has inspired me since childhood. You can read my New Year post on it here. Many of us regret what we could not do the entire year, but I was surprisingly happy when I did a little exercise as I sat on my work desk, on New Year’s eve, sipping some hot lemon ginger tea. I took out a little piece of paper from my bag and decided to list ONLY the GOOD things about 2013. Things, people, moments that made me happier, made me a better professional and a better person. I was delighted to see that despite of few downs there were plenty of ups in my life. There were so many things I should cherish. This inspired me to do more this year. To …

A morning after this night

A medley of thoughts A song which was sung before A time that always stands still, But I know there is a morning to this night. A fight between now & then A struggle of heart over mind, There exists a morning to this night. I am a phoenix a-rise from ashes, A new dawn and I bath in the shining water of rays I always knew there is a morning after this night.     P.S -The poetry is about the highs and lows of life. When we hit a bump we undergo emotions, which have been experienced before. We fail to recognise that better times await once we are through with this night of confusion and despair. The morning here is synonymous to the “better times” and night to the time of hopelessness. I clicked the above picture when i was out for a jog, on a cold foggy morning, in Pune. The scene created by the rising sun amidst the silhouettes of coconut trees found an apt connection to my poetry!

Love for Art

  Art always inspires me, be it in any form. However i have a little more inclination towards painting, music and crafts. No matter where they exist in the world, whether you know the language of the people who create them, whether you understand the lore behind it or not – doesn’t matter. All that matters is a heart that loves it in its true form and appreciates its purity. This picture was clicked at one of the local markets of Ahmedabad. It was a beautiful evening spent at the street at leisure, chit chatting with the craftsmen and sellers. The boxes in the picture are hand crafted and the art form is called “Meenakari”. Meenakari is like a burst of colors with hues of yellow, red, green in prominence. Do not the know the origin of this craft but it proudly nestles in the state of Gujarat and Rajasthan.  

From those to whom much Is given, much is expected

Due to my unalterable nature to multitask I often chew more than I can bite. I fell into a similar pit yesterday – I have a 9 to 5 job, I am maintaining two blogs, interviewing an upcoming book author, working as a volunteer to support education for underprivileged children and ready to be a part of The Heart of a woman project. I did not even realize that the list is so long until I wrote it. This is what happens to all of us who suffer from the Multitask Syndrome. It is actually a tug of war between what we do as a passion and what we do to pay our bills. Lucky are those who have the privilege to do something they truly love. To work on something, which is a passion. But is multitasking so bad? Do we really bite more than we can chew? I stumble or review these questions several times when I fall into a heap of projects. And this morning something wonderful happened. I am reading a …