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Love for food (series)

“A puddle of mush, a gush of sweetness and the soft charm of pink & white, A perfect potion to detox all blues” Charles de Gaulle and the beauty of the airport lies in all things beautiful that it houses! Be it souvenirs, drinks, chocolates or food, you just cant get enough of it. An early morning flight and an aimless stroll landed me in front of this cake. It was so stunning that i kept standing there for few minutes till i got disturbed by the enthusiasm of few kids to touch the piece. Food is an art. It is not restricted by language, country, culture. It is adorned by the connoisseurs of love and life. P.S-”Love for Food (Series)” is a lore of my experience with food across countries, cities, town & cuisines. My love for food is captured in this series with unforgettable memoirs which keeps its taste lingering forever! Advertisements

Through the Vintage lanes of Mumbai (photo series-part III)

    “Of people and nature, colors and textures, Infusing and blending together, creating its own form, Art as it should be – free, imaginative, and soulful, Inspired from life, around and within.” This picture is of a street at Kala Ghoda in South of Mumbai. Kala Ghoda which in english means (Black Horse) is popular for its culture of arts. You will find here the famous Jehangir Art Gallery were many artists display their work. Right outside the art gallery you would see some astonishing work done by some not so famous or aspiring artists. From portraits, to sketches, to handicraft you would find art in its various forms here all inspired from people and life.

Through the Vintage lanes of Mumbai

“The value of a piece is only discovered by the hands which bring it to a form, a form which is meaningful, beautiful or simply connected to lives “ This weekend I decided to take part in the near and far travel blog competition by Laterooms.I grabbed my phone camera and traveled all the way to South of Mumbai to discover what I had never seen before. However at the last moment I decided to write my post for the competition on the Gir Forest, because I just could not come up with the right words for the experience I had been through during my trip. Though few pictures were a disappointment (I could not capture them through the right angle)  I could manage few clicks which tell a story of vintage Mumbai. My photo series by this title will carry the pictures I took during my day tour through South Mumbai, accompanied by interesting tales that I gathered from people i met.

Connected lives

“The beauty lies in growing together, mutual care & dependence, alone we would have been a tree and creeper together we are an art of nature” This picture is of a mango tree right outside our office in Colombo (Sri Lanka). A mango tree has never caught my eye before like this, because it has never looked so lush green and opulent. The creeper might not hold any significance alone but they together looked like a live painting. True piece of nature’s art!