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A morning after this night

A medley of thoughts A song which was sung before A time that always stands still, But I know there is a morning to this night. A fight between now & then A struggle of heart over mind, There exists a morning to this night. I am a phoenix a-rise from ashes, A new dawn and I bath in the shining water of rays I always knew there is a morning after this night.     P.S -The poetry is about the highs and lows of life. When we hit a bump we undergo emotions, which have been experienced before. We fail to recognise that better times await once we are through with this night of confusion and despair. The morning here is synonymous to the “better times” and night to the time of hopelessness. I clicked the above picture when i was out for a jog, on a cold foggy morning, in Pune. The scene created by the rising sun amidst the silhouettes of coconut trees found an apt connection to my poetry! Advertisements

A message that was never sent

I looked back I checked again I waited for a time, There was nothing Just an empty space, A void besides your name. I blamed you, I cursed you There was a medley of emotions Those of anger, despair and rejection, I gulped them all and moved on. Time passed by and the affair became a haze Fading with every passing day. One fine morning I cleaned my Outbox, My eyes popped as I saw an unsent message The lost words which I thought were already said. I sighed and damned my imprudence I sent it again; now double checked if you have received the same. Jubilant when I heard a response, To a message, that was never sent.  

Moment of Solitude

This one is from my old notebook. Written, back in December 2012. I was on a vacation to Sasan Gir, Gujarat which is a wild life sanctuary. After a tiring day, at night i was sitting in the balcony, overlooking beautiful mountains, with my scribble book. It was pitch dark with just a glimpse of half moon. The words spelled out through my mind like a stream of bubbling river.     In a night of darkness and silence I look beyond the trees and sky Finding something I do not know Numerous thoughts run through my mind and at times it just goes vacuous I am alone but enlightened I see a light beyond those mountains It gives me hope It twinkles and sprinkles aspiration I have found my moment of solitude.

Wanderlust of Rain

  A wait of months, A struggle of a year, and I was transformed. I teared the clouds, I swayed in the arms of air, I can see what lies beneath. I touched the cheeks of trees, Knocked the windowsill and kissed the ground. I am floating, to mix with the sea, the skies await, A mingled chain, wanderlust of Rain.