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Under the mango tree

Sitting under the mango tree I lie in the shade carefree, I see the sun glowing high I feel the breeze passing by. I know my heart is weary and so is my mind, I believe the world has been unkind. My eyes move around and the surrounds look tired too, Everything looks tainted when I look for a clue or two. My thoughts are interrupted by a drop of rain I didn’t see things change while I chased my pain. Time had gone by and life had moved on I woke up from my dream to another hopeful dawn… Advertisements

The true gift

As a child I always wondered on Christmas, how all the kids in the neighborhood had their stocking full of candies & gifts and I was the only one who met with disappointment on those mornings. Though my mother always used to make me happy by buying some extra candies for me at the church, I always felt that I was Santa’s least loved child. Last couple of weeks I saw the #SecretSanta trending on Twitter and it made me jealous once again. I missed the Secret Santa deadline and probably deprived myself of another awesome gift. It is funny but this incidence did make me think about the gifts that I have received all these years on Christmas. I wouldn’t lie, but I gifted myself a whole bunch from that lot. Isn’t that a gift in itself that I can buy most of the things I wish for? It is. This poetry reminded me of that true gift that always existed 🙂 Cheers…

A walk with self

A bicycle and a basket of flowers A sun and the light that showers, A bird came singing and I lifted it in my hands I kissed it and said goodbye to my friend. I touch the grass, I feel the breeze My mind says be as you please.

Lessons of Failure

  This time I bring you a poetry that inspired me and helped me gain inner strength. I found this poetry in a book but the source or author of this poetry is unknown. I couldn’t admire this piece of writing more and hence decided to share it on my blog.    LESSONS OF FAILURE Lord, are you trying to tell me something? For.. Failure does not mean I’m a failure; It means I have not yet succeeded. Failure does not mean I have accomplished nothing; It means I have learned something. Failure does not mean I have been a fool; It means I had enough faith to experiment. Failure does not mean I am disgraced; It means I dared to try. Failure does not mean I don’t have it; It means I have something to do in a different way. Failure does not mean I am inferior; It means I am not perfect. Failure does not mean I have wasted my life; It means I have a chance to start over. Failure does not …

Soul Talk

My writing today is inspired from current events in the country and personal inspiration, things or behaviors i see in my surroundings or the social circle i live in. With the recent evocation of Section 377 (Criminalizing homosexuality) by the Indian Supreme Court there have been protests and several questions raised. It makes me think that not just our sexual orientation, but several such unspoken laws or law of the land exist in our society. Who decides what is right or what is wrong? Are we empowered or wise enough to  judge a person’s story? Why we should be ruled by a set norm or behaviors when we don’t mean harm to another? There is a lot of grey and hardly any black and white. And so is my poetry: List of maneuvered words, gestures of hidden intentions; Expectations of a cast stereotype, Behavior that suit the minds. An unspoken definition of all things nature An unseen line that binds body and mind; An inch of aberration has swaying tongues and rolling eyes, You shall …