Month: December 2014

The true gift

As a child I always wondered on Christmas, how all the kids in the neighborhood had their stocking full of candies & gifts and I was the only one who met with disappointment on those mornings. Though my mother always used to make me happy by buying some extra candies for me at the church, I always felt that I was Santa’s least loved child. Last couple of weeks I saw the #SecretSanta trending on Twitter and it made me jealous once again. I missed the Secret Santa deadline and probably deprived myself of another awesome gift. It is funny but this incidence did make me think about the gifts that I have received all these years on Christmas. I wouldn’t lie, but I gifted myself a whole bunch from that lot. Isn’t that a gift in itself that I can buy most of the things I wish for? It is. This poetry reminded me of that true gift that always existed 🙂 Cheers…