Month: May 2014

Right or wrong?

This morning I was intrigued by a conversation between my mother and a distant uncle who lives in one of the mountain villages, up north of India. He is a college professor. The uncle was sharing the latest grapevine in the village about a man who brings young girls from Delhi and “sells” them to families who are looking for brides. He put the entire process as “rehabilitation” of destitute women. I gave this man a piece of my mind. My anger was not about the fact that this was a case of human trafficking (I know there are plenty such cases thriving in cities, towns and villages) but on the naked truth that this man was well-educated, respected in the society he lived and yet he was so unmindful about the entire situation. My words fell on deaf ears and the uncle ended the call saying “Yaha ye sab chalta hai. Saalon se dekh rai hai. Kisi becahri ka ghar he toh bas raha hai” (all this happens here and we have observed this for years. After …

A walk with self

A bicycle and a basket of flowers A sun and the light that showers, A bird came singing and I lifted it in my hands I kissed it and said goodbye to my friend. I touch the grass, I feel the breeze My mind says be as you please.