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Facing career stagnancy? Draw your evolution chart with me!

reema sathe

We have heard this many times and experienced it atleast once in our lifetime. Yet, when we come across it we feel as if we are drowning in deep dark waters with no hope to see the surface.

I am talking about the “Stuck-In-my-Career” syndrome.

It is almost like a vicious cycle; comes after a fixed time. For some it leads to climbing to the next position, job in a new organization or a complete 180 degree shift in career. In each case there almost always is a sight of growth.

For me this situation arrived a few months back. It looked never ending. I am still not out of it, but I am confident that I will sail through. During those dark days of constant anxiety and nervousness about the future I did every possible thing. Spoke to friends, cried, had sleepless nights, cursed my destiny etc. Finally one Sunday morning while scribbling on a paper, I came up with a sketch.

A sketch that completely changed my thinking.

This sketch made me realize that I was experiencing nothing new. I have faced this painful feeling of stagnancy earlier and have almost always sailed through it with flying colors. This simple, yet powerful sketch is what I want to share with you today.

Call this a sketch or an evolution chart. I believe this exercise is something every person must try, who is facing a growth block in professional or personal life.

You just might find your courage and hope with a pen and a tiny piece of paper!


What you need

  1. A plain paper
  2. A pen
  3. A calm mind
  4. A 0 disturbance zone (Lock yourself in a room)reema sathe


When I graduated I immediately got my first job. It was fun and I learned a bit. When I jumped to my second job, I started earning little more than before, bought my first luxury watch and learned new things. In my third and present job, I am earning a lot more; I have had opportunities to travel to different countries, bought few fancy clothes and bought my iPad 4! I learned more new things.

I am again hitting the plateau. I am looking for my next adventure, my next spot to acquire new knowledge and skills. But till the time I find my treasure I am enjoying the hunt. I started my blog, I started a side project called Brew Ideas and I am exploring the Startup ecosystem and meeting new, enterprising people! I am excited about it all and when I do fall in the abyss I look at the above piece of paper and gather my courage and hope again.


What to do with this sketch?

Well, hang it on your wall, paste it above your desk or glorify it and put it in a frame! Look at it every time you start losing faith in yourself and whoosh you will find your life saver!

If you find this helpful please do drop me a note here, send me a tweet or drop a message on my Facebook page. It will give me an instant shot of motivation to write better and share my experiences 🙂



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