Month: March 2014

reema sathe

Facing career stagnancy? Draw your evolution chart with me!

We have heard this many times and experienced it atleast once in our lifetime. Yet, when we come across it we feel as if we are drowning in deep dark waters with no hope to see the surface. I am talking about the “Stuck-In-my-Career” syndrome. It is almost like a vicious cycle; comes after a fixed time. For some it leads to climbing to the next position, job in a new organization or a complete 180 degree shift in career. In each case there almost always is a sight of growth. For me this situation arrived a few months back. It looked never ending. I am still not out of it, but I am confident that I will sail through. During those dark days of constant anxiety and nervousness about the future I did every possible thing. Spoke to friends, cried, had sleepless nights, cursed my destiny etc. Finally one Sunday morning while scribbling on a paper, I came up with a sketch. A sketch that completely changed my thinking. This sketch made me realize …

Dare the sky

Right at the peak have I reached or am I yet to take the flight? I stare at the sky and dare it; The vastness, the fear to get lost, the journey alone, Should I be afraid or rejoice? I stare at the sky one more time, I am taking the flight; absorb me in your infiniteness. This picture is from my trip to my hometown last month. This beautiful bird, sat mightily on the branch of an almost barren tree, staring the sun. The silhouette was just picture perfect. It resonated with the thought that crosses our mind, before we take the plunge to change our lives! Have you faced your “Dare the Sky” moment yet? Share your thoughts here.