Month: February 2014

Lessons of Failure

  This time I bring you a poetry that inspired me and helped me gain inner strength. I found this poetry in a book but the source or author of this poetry is unknown. I couldn’t admire this piece of writing more and hence decided to share it on my blog.    LESSONS OF FAILURE Lord, are you trying to tell me something? For.. Failure does not mean I’m a failure; It means I have not yet succeeded. Failure does not mean I have accomplished nothing; It means I have learned something. Failure does not mean I have been a fool; It means I had enough faith to experiment. Failure does not mean I am disgraced; It means I dared to try. Failure does not mean I don’t have it; It means I have something to do in a different way. Failure does not mean I am inferior; It means I am not perfect. Failure does not mean I have wasted my life; It means I have a chance to start over. Failure does not …

Silent words

“Kalaghoda” festival (in English it translates to “Black Horse”) is an annual art festival that happens in Mumbai. Kalaghoda is synonym to the street where art & literature dwells. It is located in the posh locale of South Mumbai. This is the first time I walked the lane during the festival and this is what I came back home with: Few glimpses and the silent words they speak “Fashion & Food” If I am plain, I am a poor man’s earning; if I am embellished, I am a rich man’s show. “Human Tree” Cutting our own roots. “Burden of Rocks” But still knows how to move on. “Strings attached” “A lost network” Once a messenger, now a piece of adornment. “Old & Wearied, but dressed up for tomorrow” Someone’s reject, others hope. “The Dark Horse” Pride in Silence.

Sharing Love

What can be a better time than this week, to begin a small initiative – “Sharing Love”. All of us have learnt or acquired something in life that can be shared with others. This might inspire them, help them or just give them a moment of happiness. Via “Sharing Love” I will make an effort to make someone happy. This week, because it is the week of Love (Read: Valentine’s Day), I am making Free memorable Wallpapers! Missing your partner, spouse, love of your life or simply want to freeze a memory on your phone or laptop – this is how I will make your moment of love & inspiration come true: 1. Send me your favorite picture – this could be your picture with your Valentine, your Pet, your BFF or a picture that has always inspired you 2. Share in few words what made that moment special or a quick story behind the picture (can be as short as your Twitter or Facebook post) 3. I will make a wallpaper of this picture …