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Engineered for change, lesson I learned from an Entrepreneur

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“To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly.”  ~Henri Bergson

We hear this often and still every time when we wake up to the reality of monotony, we take a step back or procrastinate the moment for further some time. We try to brush it off under the carpet. If you are a startup founder or employee or just someone who continuously wants to grow, you would swear by the fact that change is the only thing that has kept you moving. Big companies demand constancy in their employees (or that is what is the accepted truth) and at times you get so trapped in the expectation that you fail to see beyond your current circumstances. You fail to envision the unseen. This is why I more often enjoy talking to entrepreneurs and hear their startup stories. Their world is all so dynamic that they will rub off their pace on you. During one such conversation with a friend, who is running a digital marketing company and simultaneously building a new online product, I inquired if he misses the luxury of a stable 9-5 job?

His answer throws an interesting perspective:

“I know that if I would have had a stable bank balance or the liberty to take out time for myself when I want, I would probably have enjoyed a dinner at a fancy restaurant, wore a high-end pair of clothing or would have invested time in a hobby or two. But I have done all this in earlier part of my life. Now I am enjoying my startup experiments. I am innovating and hustling. Every day is a new learning”

This is what most of us are afraid of loosing- free time or time for self and loved ones, regular cash flow and a sense of security. Not that he wasn’t but he was open enough to share that he lives under a constant fear of instability. On a lighter note, he also shared about a recurring dream, that one day he will wake up without a single penny!

But would he trade-off the creative freedom of work or the liberty to surround his life around things he loves to do the most for a more stable job? Hell not!

I can relate this to my first experience of rappelling. I was shit scared (I almost thought I would die if I jump) until I actually jumped off the cliff. The fear was gone the moment I had my feet off in the air. I survived and landed victorious.

The lesson: It is all about overcoming the moment that exists between gathering the courage to jump and actually taking the plunge. The rest we are equipped to take care of. We figure out ways of survival. Haven’t we already been engineered to do so? (Remember when our forefathers were apes and had to find different ways to hunt food every day?).

The key is to Pivot (I love this word, again taught by my entrepreneur friends). To keep adjusting your direction until you sail smooth.

Keep changing, keep experimenting and savor the path of growth and wisdom.

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