Day: December 16, 2013

Pleasure of being not so “SOCIAL”

Enter controversial zone: Social media. Let us not debate on the pros and cons of it but let us give ourselves a break from the overwhelming world of information and spend some time with ourselves. You might ask “Then what am i supposed to do?”. Well explore the joy of being in company with self and revisit what we did when we did not have followers and fans 🙂 My stick figures here are no form of art 😛 they are here to show the emotions and the pleasure of smaller joys of life which we often oversee and undermine. This is my first experiment with sketches and Microsoft paint. I hope you enjoy it and experiment with atleast one of the below, not so “SOCIAL” activities when you get back home today  🙂       Advertisements

A friend you never want to meet in Public!

Fear is an antonym to happiness! All language Nazis would kill me for this, but let me clarify what I am going to talk to you about today. I am referring to the way we receive these two emotions. We want to embrace happiness with our arms, foot, and toes and fear…..well, Fear is fear. We dread it. We don’t want it. Fear is that friend we never want to meet in public. All my life I have faced several fears. And each one has been an experience of a lifetime. Though I would cover them in later posts, today I am going to introduce you to my beloved fear:  The fear of big cities! This parasite is usually found in species that dwell into small cities, towns and villages. I felt like no David to take on to this Goliath and would have rather escaped, if I had a choice. I am glad i did not. I wanted to grow and this made my first encounter with a big city. The journey did not …