Month: December 2013

Soul Talk

My writing today is inspired from current events in the country and personal inspiration, things or behaviors i see in my surroundings or the social circle i live in. With the recent evocation of Section 377 (Criminalizing homosexuality) by the Indian Supreme Court there have been protests and several questions raised. It makes me think that not just our sexual orientation, but several such unspoken laws or law of the land exist in our society. Who decides what is right or what is wrong? Are we empowered or wise enough to  judge a person’s story? Why we should be ruled by a set norm or behaviors when we don’t mean harm to another? There is a lot of grey and hardly any black and white. And so is my poetry: List of maneuvered words, gestures of hidden intentions; Expectations of a cast stereotype, Behavior that suit the minds. An unspoken definition of all things nature An unseen line that binds body and mind; An inch of aberration has swaying tongues and rolling eyes, You shall …

The love story of a marraige

  “Of sarees and wedding gowns, Of cheerful faces and few frowns, Of broken hearts and love stories Of a relationship that must dwell in peace.” With love in the air and the season of wed locks, one just cannot stay unscathed from the spirit of marriage. From the day we start gaining senses of worldly demeanor, we dream about getting married. We think of soul mates and partners for life. For that is what we see around. Our parents, relatives, social circles and let us not forget the movies that make you gooey in the heart and weak in the knees. The reality seeps in when we actually get into a marriage or see a close relation into one (where we are the receptor of daily dose of information of all the highs and lows of a relationship). Let me list and explain what I feel marriages are usually described as (to be hinging on), by the wise around us. And the truth which is always unsaid. –         Trust:  It would wander (read, innate …

Pleasure of being not so “SOCIAL”

Enter controversial zone: Social media. Let us not debate on the pros and cons of it but let us give ourselves a break from the overwhelming world of information and spend some time with ourselves. You might ask “Then what am i supposed to do?”. Well explore the joy of being in company with self and revisit what we did when we did not have followers and fans 🙂 My stick figures here are no form of art 😛 they are here to show the emotions and the pleasure of smaller joys of life which we often oversee and undermine. This is my first experiment with sketches and Microsoft paint. I hope you enjoy it and experiment with atleast one of the below, not so “SOCIAL” activities when you get back home today  🙂      

A friend you never want to meet in Public!

Fear is an antonym to happiness! All language Nazis would kill me for this, but let me clarify what I am going to talk to you about today. I am referring to the way we receive these two emotions. We want to embrace happiness with our arms, foot, and toes and fear…..well, Fear is fear. We dread it. We don’t want it. Fear is that friend we never want to meet in public. All my life I have faced several fears. And each one has been an experience of a lifetime. Though I would cover them in later posts, today I am going to introduce you to my beloved fear:  The fear of big cities! This parasite is usually found in species that dwell into small cities, towns and villages. I felt like no David to take on to this Goliath and would have rather escaped, if I had a choice. I am glad i did not. I wanted to grow and this made my first encounter with a big city. The journey did not …

A morning after this night

A medley of thoughts A song which was sung before A time that always stands still, But I know there is a morning to this night. A fight between now & then A struggle of heart over mind, There exists a morning to this night. I am a phoenix a-rise from ashes, A new dawn and I bath in the shining water of rays I always knew there is a morning after this night.     P.S -The poetry is about the highs and lows of life. When we hit a bump we undergo emotions, which have been experienced before. We fail to recognise that better times await once we are through with this night of confusion and despair. The morning here is synonymous to the “better times” and night to the time of hopelessness. I clicked the above picture when i was out for a jog, on a cold foggy morning, in Pune. The scene created by the rising sun amidst the silhouettes of coconut trees found an apt connection to my poetry!