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Be an Ideal

How do you measure your success?

This probably is, one of the most eluding questions. Everyone has a different definition for it and many try to set boundaries and rules against it. However, creating yardsticks to measure how successful you are is like quick sand. The more you try to push through it, the more it engulfs you.

I am not teaching anyone here on how to be successful. That would be a crime. And I don’t have the right to do that.

Success is individualistic. Success could mean one thing to me and something to another. What bothers me though is at times we become so harsh to ourselves, in the lure to prove something to the world, that we set expectations which might be unrealistic, unachievable and probably not even the correct ones (they might not lead us anywhere!).

But there is one thing which all of us can strive for.


Sounds gigantic. You just might laugh at me. Disregard it the first time you hear it.

But wait; let me tell you a short story.

One day, during my visits to my hometown (a small town in the western part of the country), I met few teenagers. I couldn’t identify them initially, but then I was thrilled to know that these were the kids I used to teach English when I was in school. They came running to meet me and asked all sorts of questions. How big a city Mumbai is (where I live now), what do I do, do I get scared in the big city, do I miss home, so on and so forth. As I was busy answering their questions, a young girl walked to me and said “Didi, mein bade hoke aapke jaise banna chahti hu” (Elder Sister, I want to become like you when I grow up). I was stoned for a moment. I could not believe the words I just heard. Can I really be an Ideal for someone?!  The words still reverberate in my mind.

That’s when I realized that after all, I haven’t done so badly in life, so far. I must have done something good, which makes a young girl aspire to follow my tread.

Pause. Look back.

Has someone said something like this to you? Your neighbor, kids, siblings or anyone around you?

If yes – it’s time to straighten your shoulders and pat your back. Go in front of a mirror and say to yourself:

“I am a good person. I have done something good with my life. I have to make it better.”

If not – today is the day to reflect and find out that one thing that would make you a better human. Mind you, I am not saying a successful person but a BETTER HUMAN.

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Be a good person. Be someone who can look himself or herself into the mirror every morning and smile.

BE AN IDEAL, to someone in your lifetime.


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