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2 cents of wisdom – Humans

Humans are funny! No, No, Don’t smile, I am damn serious!

Being a human ourselves, we do not understand what goes through those tiny little objects called brains, of others.  We might react in the same way, in a similar situation, like what others would. Still, we find our own conclusions, deductions and analyze the reaction of others to such an extent, that after few hours we forget the starting point of the shit long analysis!

I was watching a play at Prithvi Theater (one of the most renowned theaters in Mumbai) where two men sitting next to each other (the scene depicted a riot scenario before India’s independence) in a train, are not talking to each other. They are giving each other stolen looks but they don’t talk. At all. Why?

Because they were scared of each other!

On days, I have observed ( I guess more so in bigger cities) that people don’t talk to each other. I wonder at times, that are we all robin hoods or the prime minister of India that we have such blunt arrogance?! But as I dig deeper I realized that that’s not the case. We do not talk to each other or pass a smile to a stranger in the elevator in the morning,





Poets United

Photo Courtesy: Poets United

There is an unknown fear. At times its created from all bad past incidences, sour memories, media, news, office gossip, wisdom of our parents and sources which proudly pass us all the information.

The moment we see a stranger we think – is he is a rapist, is she a terrorist? What if I say hello to her? Would that man/woman come to my house? Would he stab me in the back? And all those thoughts cross our minds that can form a perfect scene from a thriller soap.

At times I overcome this fear and say hello to a stranger, I ask them where they work and try to strike a little conversation, without being intrusive. And it has worked like magic! People smile back at me, they share a small piece of their life. At times their frustrations. And I am glad that some of the times I pass on my 2 cents of wisdom to them, in the hope that it just might help them come out an inch from their deep buried problems.

Isn’t life easier that ways. Who doesn’t like a smiling face in the morning, who doesn’t want a hearing ear when they just want to vent out. Who doesn’t want that someone holds their grocery bags when they are juggling their house or car key with a finger!

We all do. Because we are humans. And so are others. So next time when you see a stranger, try to see the human behind or the soul behind the meat and flesh. It might get you into shit at times, but who cares of few penny losses when at the end of the day you can win a jackpot!

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