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Brand Connection

I believe that there exists at least one brand that has the same place in our life as our habits. This brand(s) becomes so indispensable that at times the real product name is replaced by this brand name! It could be a toothpaste, bottled water, cookies, phone anything.

I have a similar brand connection with – AMUL (Anand Milk Union Limited). AMUL is basically a farmer’s association based in the State of Gujarat, India. The brand has a beautiful, humble story which can be read here. I almost become teary eyed as i talk about AMUL. I have lived with this name for 30 years. This brand for me and for lacs of Indians (i think i am pretty sure about this number) is synonymous to Butter, Milk, Yogurt and all things Dairy.

AMUL, Gujarat

This picture has an equally beautiful story as the brand. I clicked this picture when i visited the campus of AMUL this summer.

Several villagers in Gujarat (in the western part of India) every day travel to AMUL milk collection centers loacted in their villages to deposit the milk produce, they get from their cattle. The AMUL model ha eventually become so successful (it is truly for profit of the villagers) that today every villager connected with it has a good standard of living and their children are studying in the best of colleges in the western nations. In the picture you will see a village couple dressed in traditional Gujarati (belonging to Gujarat) attire. The lady adorably holds the Matki (earthern pot) which is used to collect milk. This “Matki” is a tool that facilitates their earning. The man is talking on a mobile phone, which shows the connect of the villagers to technology and hence progress. The cow, in the front is of course the bread and butter of the family and their living.

This one picture describes the enormous connection lacs of villagers have with this brand and so does the people who consume these products.

Do you have a similar brand connection that strikes you after reading this? Share here!

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Founder, Happy Roots. Passionate about agriculture, social change and rural economic development. I am on a mission to address the biggest problems faced by small and marginal farmers in India with technology and supply chain efficiencies. I work with small and tribal farmers across Maharashtra and help them connect directly with end consumers in high potential urban markets. At Happy Roots we not only build market linkages for our farmers but help them train and upgrade their skills so that we can nurture the next breed of micro entrepreneurs.

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