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Empowering a generation in South Africa

What happens when you empower a woman?

You give strength to an entire generation to live sustainably and help the world grow and become a better place to live. I am not an expert in woman studies, but since childhood I have seen households in various cities in India where women struggle and at times fail against their will. They are forced to live a life which probably could have been made better had they known to sustain their families and themselves. On the contrary I have also seen women from humble backgrounds standing up and earning and living a life of dignity and contentment.

What differed in the second case from the first one? It was not the lack of courage, it was the confidence the women got by utilizing day-to-day work skills to generate employment for themselves. Imagine the wings these women would get if they get trained professionally to develop entrepreneurial skills. This is what The heART of  a woman project (THOAW) aims to do in collaboration with the eKhaya eKasi Art & Education Centre, Khayelitsha, South Africa.

The eKhaya eKasi is a beautiful story of two people from California who found a home for the women of Khayelitsha neighborhood to develop self employment skills. These range from beads and thread work, to fabric painting, making cards, t-shirts, gardening etc. Andrea Rees who is a professional photographer from Canada has founded this project where she would be teaching a group of women mobile photography skills. The women in-turn would develop photo art that can be sold to generate income. What Andrea is doing is a beautiful model to share your skills. You gift someone the ability you have and make help them live a life of virtue.

The story of the eKhaya eKasi centre in itself is inspiring. Here is a video on its history:

This project inspired me to do my bit. I made a small donation to the project and I am spreading a word about it so that THOAW can reach its funds goal.


One day when a woman would get her first earnings from her new mobile photography skills and will go back home twinkle eyed; that day I will be a tiny part of her happiness too. A happiness which is worth a fortune!

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