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Art always inspires me, be it in any form. However i have a little more inclination towards painting, music and crafts. No matter where they exist in the world, whether you know the language of the people who create them, whether you understand the lore behind it or not – doesn’t matter. All that matters is a heart that loves it in its true form and appreciates its purity.

This picture was clicked at one of the local markets of Ahmedabad. It was a beautiful evening spent at the street at leisure, chit chatting with the craftsmen and sellers. The boxes in the picture are hand crafted and the art form is called “Meenakari”. Meenakari is like a burst of colors with hues of yellow, red, green in prominence. Do not the know the origin of this craft but it proudly nestles in the state of Gujarat and Rajasthan.


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Founder, Happy Roots. Passionate about agriculture, social change and rural economic development. I am on a mission to address the biggest problems faced by small and marginal farmers in India with technology and supply chain efficiencies. I work with small and tribal farmers across Maharashtra and help them connect directly with end consumers in high potential urban markets. At Happy Roots we not only build market linkages for our farmers but help them train and upgrade their skills so that we can nurture the next breed of micro entrepreneurs.


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