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Sun, Sand & Beaches (Malaysia Trip Part 1)

People become averse to birthday celebrations as they grow old, I had a similar feeling until I realized that aging, after all,  is not that bad. You grow wiser, have saved some money and achieved certain milestones in your career. Turning 30 was special to me. It felt like another milestone. So, I decided to celebrate my 30th birthday at a location, which would mean liberation and true celebration.

After much brainstorming and of course, considering the budget available, me and my partner zeroed Malaysia! We decided to cover two locations, one which would introduce us to the country culture and the other which would tell us the story of modernization. So, our first destination was – Langkawi.

I just could not stop taking pictures of this beautiful island. I was spellbound by the blue waters, cluster of small islands and breathtaking views. Here we go, to soak into the visual beauty of the Malaysian Island:


Aerial view of Langkawi

The above is an aerial view of Langkawi. This is not allowed but I took this picture while landing at the Langkawi airport. The views were so inspiring that I jumped off my seat and almost spilled my drink! I had a sense that Langkawi would be no short to a dream location, but I just could not believe what my eyes saw.

Langkawi square

Eagle Square, Langkawi

This is the famous landmark of Langkawi – The Eagle square. The story goes like this – Langkawi is famous for its brown eagles and in Malay eagle is called Helang which got shortened to the word “lang” and that’s how the island got its name. You just cannot miss the sea view from this point. You can see endless blue water surrounded by green forests. You can also spot some eagles flying above the harbor. There were herds of people waiting to take pictures with the eagle statue. So while all that could fizzle I took a quick break and this is what I did:

Lying on the grass next to Eagle square

Stolen moment – Book, Grass and Breeze

Beat the crowd and you can enjoy book reading at the side park or just get lost in your dreams while the beautiful breeze puts you to sleep.

Pentai Cenang

A greeting (a HELLO) in different languages is what caught my attention. The above signboard is located at the beginning of Pentai Cenang street. Pentai Cenang is a beautiful street, full of  restaurants offering mouth-watering food and plenty of options to shop. We walked this street endlessly and at night rewarded ourselves with some delicious prawn curry, steamed rice (you can eat this, die and go to heaven) and drinks.

This picture is a delightful medley of – Passionfruit tea with coconut jelly & black pearls, yellow noodles with prawns and drinks at Orkid Ria. Orkid Ria is personal recommendation, if you happen to visit Pentai Cenang in Langkawi.

85% of population in Langkawi follow Islam as a religion. Around 4-5% are Chinese and rest of the population also includes Tamilians. People in general are warm and friendly and would help you with directions, finding restaurants and tourist attractions with enthusiasm. And yes would also love to pose for you!

The Red riding hoods of Langkawi

My last day at Langkawi ended spending an evening by the beach at the resort sit out (we stayed at Shereton, Langkawi). It was a peaceful evening with some roasted bean coffee, cool breeze and view of the sunset. There were some monkeys and hornbills to keep us company 🙂

Coffee by the Beach

Coffee by the Beach

On my flight to Kula Lampur (KL) from Langkawi, I was thrilled to experience the Malaysian city culture KL would offer us and the stories that would unfold there.

Enjoying some apple juice and peanuts on board

Dreaming of KL with some apple juice and peanuts on the flight

I was indeed charmed and delighted.

So enjoy the pictures and dream of the beautiful Asian island, until my next post where I will bring you photo story from Kuala Lampur.

If you want to read a detailed travelogue and want to know about the best things to do in Langkawi, read my post here.

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