Day: August 24, 2013

Friday Inspiration

Off late i have been addicted to Instagramm, like i fell in love twitter. And than via Instagramm i found InstaQuote. It’s an amazing app that helps you build your own inspirational, fun posters in the blink of an eye! This one is my first and i thought of sharing with you all. A little background to the picture. This road goes to Sasan Gir, a wildlife sanctuary in Gujarat famous for Asiatic lions. I was in a chakda (which is a form of tuk tuk, though much bigger in size) with my family and was busy enjoying the breeze. When i clicked this picture i never thought that it could be used so beautifully. This FRiday morning i was struck with some inspiration, which spilled into words and formed inspiration with a picture from one of my unforgettable journeys. Advertisements