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I feel scared


How many times in our lives would we have told ourselves – “I feel scared”

I guess a plenty times, esp. when we would have decided to take the path or make that decision which we know will not be socially approved or would attract a lot of attention with whispering voices and widened eyes.

Yes, all the above is scary, but only until you visualize it in your head. Once you decide that this is it, this is what I will do with my life, things become easier. You gain strength and peace to ignore or answer the slurring tongues. I always fight in my head thinking – “Why the hell does anyone in this world care what I want to do with my life?” And then I realize that it is just a futile exercise.

You cannot change the world, but you can change yourself.

We feel scared not because we want to follow our hearts but because we are scared to face the side effects of it. It’s like experiencing the fun of eating a double layered chocolate truffle cake, but being scared about the weight you would put on and the remarks that would follow.

Go on, eat it! After all it’s just a cake!

Even if you put on weight there are ways to get back into shape. Likewise there are measures to stand back if you fall in a pit or fail. And what fun without falling and hurting our elbows while playing, when we were kids.

Broken elbows and wounds make you stronger. They make you feel the happiness in pain!

I am not a soul warrior and I feel scared most of the times, even as I am writing this. I do not want to follow the set pattern of a linear growth. I don’t want a resume which shows how loyal an employee i am for staying in the same company for donkey years or worse, how suave i have been by working only with larger organizations. Because people will make judgments all the time – how well you earn, whether you have a car, a good house, a husband, a kid, have you worked in fancy countries to earn those extra dollars and how many “IT” people you know or are connected to!

Isn’t that crushing? It is, it crushes you, your soul. And though we would keep slogging our backs to prove ourselves in front of someone or the other, we will eventually eat ourselves up. And when we would realize this, we would already be hollow inside and then we would do nothing but console ourselves – “Now I am too old to do anything new” and yes my friends that would be the end of our lives.

Sounds bad, NO that sounds catastrophic. And it would be.

This post exists for two reasons –

  1. To ask people like me who are feeling scared right now to take that next step. Buckle up and be answerable to yourself and not the world
  2. And most importantly to give me courage to strap my boots!


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