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Street Food Delight @ Railway Station

On World Photography day i was thinking hard what to post on my blog. And then a bulb flashed above my head and my heart screamed “FOOD”. Of-course! That’s what we do when we celebrate all good days (it’s another thing that i do not wait for an occasion to dig myself into food gluttony)

Local train stations in Mumbai, though most of the times are the places where you would not like to stay for long (because of the simple body crushing crowd) but is somewhere, most of us (Mumbaikars) spend our daily lives. These stations are also a breeding ground for hunger starved scavengers like me. You will find the most awesome snacks here and one of them is “Aamchi Bhel” (Our Bhel in Marathi). Mumbai BhelI do not how to describe Bhel to perfection, but it is in brief a sumptuous, mouth-watering mixture of various fried snacks. A dash of batter coated peanuts, finely chopped onions and fresh tomatoes, some spicy green chilli, dash of zesty lemon , some puffed rice and all the savory nibbles you could think of.

Every bite comes with a punch of all Indian flavors together. It’s so delicious that you cannot stop until you finish the last lingering puff rice! and did someone say “Sharing” – “DEFINITELY NOT”.

Bhel is usually served in paper cones for ease as it is an On-the-go snack! So, until you visit Mumbai and spoil yourself with some street food delights at Mumbai Railway station, here is pack for πŸ™‚

Mumbai Bhel

P.S- When i clicked this picture, the seller was so thrilled that he asked if this picture is going to make it to a MAGAZINE! I said no not really, but it is definitely reaching the eyes who can taste it fantasizing the flavors in their head πŸ˜€ SLUURRRPPPP….

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    • Yes that’s called “Puri” in Hindi. It is sort of a cracker, made of flour and then deep fried. It’s often used as a “Spoon” to eat the bhel as the street vendors like this do not supply one. It is fun!

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