Month: August 2013

Friday Inspiration

Off late i have been addicted to Instagramm, like i fell in love twitter. And than via Instagramm i found InstaQuote. It’s an amazing app that helps you build your own inspirational, fun posters in the blink of an eye! This one is my first and i thought of sharing with you all. A little background to the picture. This road goes to Sasan Gir, a wildlife sanctuary in Gujarat famous for Asiatic lions. I was in a chakda (which is a form of tuk tuk, though much bigger in size) with my family and was busy enjoying the breeze. When i clicked this picture i never thought that it could be used so beautifully. This FRiday morning i was struck with some inspiration, which spilled into words and formed inspiration with a picture from one of my unforgettable journeys. Advertisements

I feel scared

  How many times in our lives would we have told ourselves – “I feel scared” I guess a plenty times, esp. when we would have decided to take the path or make that decision which we know will not be socially approved or would attract a lot of attention with whispering voices and widened eyes. Yes, all the above is scary, but only until you visualize it in your head. Once you decide that this is it, this is what I will do with my life, things become easier. You gain strength and peace to ignore or answer the slurring tongues. I always fight in my head thinking – “Why the hell does anyone in this world care what I want to do with my life?” And then I realize that it is just a futile exercise. You cannot change the world, but you can change yourself. We feel scared not because we want to follow our hearts but because we are scared to face the side effects of it. It’s like experiencing the …

Street Food Delight @ Railway Station

On World Photography day i was thinking hard what to post on my blog. And then a bulb flashed above my head and my heart screamed “FOOD”. Of-course! That’s what we do when we celebrate all good days (it’s another thing that i do not wait for an occasion to dig myself into food gluttony) Local train stations in Mumbai, though most of the times are the places where you would not like to stay for long (because of the simple body crushing crowd) but is somewhere, most of us (Mumbaikars) spend our daily lives. These stations are also a breeding ground for hunger starved scavengers like me. You will find the most awesome snacks here and one of them is “Aamchi Bhel” (Our Bhel in Marathi). I do not how to describe Bhel to perfection, but it is in brief a sumptuous, mouth-watering mixture of various fried snacks. A dash of batter coated peanuts, finely chopped onions and fresh tomatoes, some spicy green chilli, dash of zesty lemon , some puffed rice and all …

A dreamwalk through the gourmet lane of Mumbai!

It was my first ever visit to the all famous Mohammad Ali Road of Mumbai and that too during the month of Ramadan or Eid-Ul-Fitr. After a week long dilly dallying i shrugged my inertia and took on my heart and love for food to the gastronomic lane of Mumbai. I do not know any nook and corner of the road but i just wanted to confirm all the wonderful stories i had heard about the sea of specialty cuisine (almost all Ramadan special street food) this street offers. So take your seat, put your tea or coffee besides you and walk with me through the lane which is every food connoisseur’s dream. It was 5 in the evening and i stepped out of my taxi. I could just see loads of vehicles and people walking in one direction. I followed them. I could see some lights and glitters here and there and i knew my destination is not too far. I asked an enthusiastic cap seller the address and he replied – “Oh (with …

A message that was never sent

I looked back I checked again I waited for a time, There was nothing Just an empty space, A void besides your name. I blamed you, I cursed you There was a medley of emotions Those of anger, despair and rejection, I gulped them all and moved on. Time passed by and the affair became a haze Fading with every passing day. One fine morning I cleaned my Outbox, My eyes popped as I saw an unsent message The lost words which I thought were already said. I sighed and damned my imprudence I sent it again; now double checked if you have received the same. Jubilant when I heard a response, To a message, that was never sent.