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Brains are nasty

Brains are like those stubborn kids who when refuse to do a work will do everything possible, including screeching, shouting with all their powers and hitting you so bad, that you give up. This is the most annoying and painful problem when i have to go generate ideas. Idea generation is seen as a fancy process, but in reality it is anything but fancy. There are days when you are not really thinking but ideas flow like snowfall. Effortlessly. And there are days when you really want to solve that problem and you are thinking about everything else in the world (even about how funny your friend’s ex boyfriend was in college) but the solution! Result – you go to bed grumpy or worse you keep up all night because you are still hoping to see that one spark that would enlighten your brains.

With all my reading and few wonderful talks that i come across lately i have found a few exercise that can help you tame your brain on those worse idea development days, they would not necessarily help you all the time but eventually you will find the one that works for you the best:

1. Scribble or Sketch

scribble ideasI could not explain this point better without a sketch! Read through the above diagram and next time when you are thinking of any idea or possible solution try creating one for yourself. I am a firm believer of the theory that when you write or start putting something as a sketch, your thoughts become organized and you can instantly visualize the complete picture of the scenario right in front of your eyes. This always helps on days when you are fighting with several thoughts together.


2. Drink a glass of wine or a pint of beer with your favorite music


wine and music


Music always soothes and relaxes, and so does wine/beer. It creates the right environment to keep your creative juices flow or charges your grey cells (didn’t know they are alcoholic too 😉 ).


3. Remove the Cob webs



Image Courtesy:

When we are not motivated enough to think or are fatigued by our inefficiency to come up with something useful, our brains start wandering and think of the most absurd things from the past. Get up from your seat, lean out of the window, jump a bit and remove the cobwebs from your mind. Start afresh, start clear.

4. Keep up the momentum

I heard a very interesting thought in one of the talks by James Altucher (author of Choose Yourself) where he says that keep generating ideas till you feel your brain has started sweating! It is same as your gym routine. If you skip your work outs for a couple of weeks it not only takes a lot of physical but mental effort too, to get back to the groove. Do not give your routine of idea generation a long break. There could be dull days but do not keep out of action for a long time or your brain would forget how to get to back to basics.

PS – Sharing a fun Infographic that i came across and is relevant to Point 2 of the post. Enjoy reading!

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