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Have you ever wondered why flowers are present on every happy occasion – Whether its a “Get well soon” wish, a “Thank you” note, a birthday or marriage bouquet, festivals or just decor to make any space look beautiful? It is because flowers are the happiest thing i have ever seen. They are colorful, serene and spill happiness just wherever they are present. I love flowers and love clicking them and being around them. Here are some beautiful flowers i captured during my travels. You can see one of my house flower picture here.

Flowers in Diwali

Blossom Wings

This is a form of art called “Rangoli”. Rangoli is a symbol of celebration and made usually during celebrations and festivals (all happy occasions you see). It is usually made at the porch or outside the house just next to the entrance. It is made of colors, lamps, flowers. This is my creation done during the festival of Diwali in 2012.

Thai flowers

Warm Welcome

Don’t know what these flowers are called. I guess they are orchids. This was put on the welcome table of Amari Orchid Resort, Pattaya. The entire resort was full of beautiful flowers. It just made the entire ambiance so cheerful. When i looked at these flowers sipping some lemongrass drink my 10 hours travel fatigue vanished in seconds.

Minneapolis flowers

The Private Space

These flowers were outside a roadside cafe in Minneapolis. The tables and chairs were a routine, but the dash of the blossom beauty just turned the space into a little private corner. Just like your house porch where you sit with family, spouse or friends and have a heart to heart tête-è-tête.

India flowers

The Wild and the Beautiful

There are few flowers which just grow into the wild and can be seen anywhere and everywhere. This one is on the road where i, at times go for a jog. These are the best of the lot. They grow on their own, do not demand much still we let them dwell in the space and they still grab our attention. Why? Because they make spaces lively and one glance at them makes you smile.

goa flowers

Happy Faces

Flowers make people look happy. Stand near a flower and you just cant stop smiling. That;s the emotion they transfer! This one was clicked in Goa. These beautiful white flowers made a grey rainy morning worth waking up!

If you want to experience what i am writing, plant a flower in a pot and place it right outside your window, near your work station or your office desk. Whenever a dull moment encroaches just look at your flower-pot and you will pass through that bit.

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    • Thanks Charlotte, the first picture is of rose berry flower petals, I took the petals out and drew the peacock. The 2 picture Is if orchids. The rest I do not know the names, one is in US and the other was clicked on a road looked like a wild creeper.

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