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Top 5 lessons i have learnt as a Marketer

5 lessons learnt

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I have selected my opening lines to any conversation – “Hi! I am a Marketer. I am neither a magician nor puny”. There does exist two extremes where my species (fellow marketers) fall. I will write more on this some other day, but this post is all about the best 5 lessons i have learnt as a Marketer of a growing business:

  1. Do not be overwhelmed – When you are a part of a growing business you would find multiple avenues to show your prowess or experiment. You would be swimming in the sea of opportunities. BEWARE! Do not be overwhelmed. Identify fewer activities where you can create bigger impact.
  2. Marry your business goals – Always be in line with your business or organization objectives. It is good to be beaming with ideas but at the end of the day you have to think about revenue generation too. It is like being married, work towards common financial goals but don’t forget to have some fun!
  3. Avoid the pitfall of Growth Myopia – Short term planning would lend you cash flow but long term strategic thinking would lead your business to sustainable growth.You can read my blog post on this at length here.
  4. Stories don’t sell products – No matter how interesting your brand or product story is, if you have a solution that does not solve your customer’s problems, it would not sell. A good communication would accelerate your reach but that’s not the only vehicle you can ride.
  5. Don’t be a monkey – It’s easy to replicate what your competition is doing. Be aware of competition but do not imitate them. Create your own tone & personality. At the end of the day your customers would not buy from you because you are a look alike, but because what you offer is Unique.

PS – My post has also been Published on Medium. You can see it here.

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