Month: July 2013

Moment of Solitude

This one is from my old notebook. Written, back in December 2012. I was on a vacation to Sasan Gir, Gujarat which is a wild life sanctuary. After a tiring day, at night i was sitting in the balcony, overlooking beautiful mountains, with my scribble book. It was pitch dark with just a glimpse of half moon. The words spelled out through my mind like a stream of bubbling river.     In a night of darkness and silence I look beyond the trees and sky Finding something I do not know Numerous thoughts run through my mind and at times it just goes vacuous I am alone but enlightened I see a light beyond those mountains It gives me hope It twinkles and sprinkles aspiration I have found my moment of solitude. Advertisements

What’s your Spicy Affair?

When someone asks me, what are my qualities or what is that one word that can describe me, I stand still with eyes *blinking*. Yes, simple it may sound but it is hard to assess ourselves. One Friday morning (when I am usually energetic in anticipation of the weekend πŸ˜‰ ) I thought to myself – β€œIf I was a spice, which one would i be?” While my mind was busy looking for the answer I popped the question to many friends and here is a couple of interesting analogies I heard from them: **Cardamom – because it blends in all dishes (sweet, salt, curry, Tea). So this friend of mine is very amiable, mixes well with whosoever she meets. **Turmeric – because it heals and brings good to people. This friend of mine is one of the most caring women. You sneeze and she would be at your door with medicines, hot soup and a blanket πŸ™‚ And here is my Spicy affair: I think I am a mix of Cinnamon and Star Anise. …

Paint my roof black

I have a thing for Roof tiles. Primarily because my childhood has been spent in a house with roof tiles. I love them. Though during summers they become hot during the day, they can beat any air conditioner during nights. But roof tiles can be nasty during rains. The picture is one of the roof tile house in Mumbai. The man on the roof is preparing it for the monsoons. This was new to me. People get their roofs coated with tar so that they can make it waterproof! Brilliant! Apart from the roof tiles what i love in this picture is the stark difference between the way people live in Mumbai. Right behind the man you can see a tall building, where people wouldn’t care much about leakage through their roof (in most cases :D) and on the other side the people in such houses plan way ahead to get their houses protected from rain leaks. This does not mean they are poor, they just enjoy hugging their heritage everyday πŸ™‚  

Being a Saleswoman

I had my share of experiences and fun being a saleswoman at the beginning of my career in Sales and Marketing.  The day I got featured in my company newsletter (with my first employer) as the top sales achievers, I was on Cloud 9. Moments later someone read the news, smirked and said β€œAah, you can get that easily, you are a woman”. Those words kept ringing into my ears until I realised that the comment was coated with sarcasm and slander. My achievement was questioned because I am a WOMAN. I do not have extreme views on Gender Equality but I do believe that there are several members in the society who still have limited and biased views on what women can and what they cannot. I do not bother about people’s opinion much, but it does raise a heckle when someone thinks that just because I am a woman I have an easy way out with my work. This article is not to debate over the subject of gender bias at work, but …