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Vignettes from Coorg

Kashmir is known as “Heaven on Earth” in India. But there is one place which i feel can compete with Kashmir in enchanting travelers with its beauty, and that is Coorg.

Coorg is nestled in the Southwestern ghats of Karnataka. It is around  4 – 5 hours drive from Bangalore and indeed a beautiful one. The moment you enter the city of Madikeri, you will feel warm and cushy, like sipping a hot steaming cup of coffee made from the beans sprouting in the gardens of the beautiful town. I visited Coorg around 3 years back on an official project (yes, don’t be jealous i had an awesome job πŸ˜› ). The views my eyes captured during that trip remain as preserved pieces of pictures deep inside my heart, which come alive whenever i think of the Coorgi hospitality. Though i never got a chance again to dip into its charm, i managed to retrieve some pictures i had clicked during my trip (Read when my hard disk crashed).


Fresh Green coffee beans (Robusta)


“Fresh green Robusta coffee beans right outside the entrance of Orange County Resort”


Ducks in the pond

Ducks in the pond

“Beautiful, white bunch of ducks in the backyard of a home-stay at Coorg”


Sky, Mountains & Water at Coorg

“Sky, Mountains & Water at Hotel Heritage Resort, Coorg”


By the Pool Villa at Orange County Resort

By the Pool Villa at Orange County Resort


“By the Pool Villa at Orange County Resort”


Coorg is a must visit if you are visiting India. Be the aroma of coffee, Coorgi Pork curry, fresh oranges or the dense forests with a vast variety of flora and fauna, this Indian town will definitely leave you asking for more.


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  1. nirbhayasindia says

    Hi I love Coorg, but I wouldn’t compare it with Kashmir.

    Nice blog, refreshing like Coorg.

  2. nirbhayasindia says

    Hi Reema, I love your blog. You write very well and your pictures are vivid and full of life. You seem to have travel in your blood. Maybe that’s why I am drawn to your blog! Do glance at mine if inclined. Would love to have your comments

    • Thank you so much for the compliment! I am overwhelmed πŸ™‚ i am glad that you enjoy reading my blog. Thank you for sharing your blog will visit it soon πŸ™‚

      • nirbhayasindia says

        Sure. And I look forward to your comments πŸ™‚

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