Day: June 24, 2013

Love for food (series)

“A puddle of mush, a gush of sweetness and the soft charm of pink & white, A perfect potion to detox all blues” Charles de Gaulle and the beauty of the airport lies in all things beautiful that it houses! Be it souvenirs, drinks, chocolates or food, you just cant get enough of it. An early morning flight and an aimless stroll landed me in front of this cake. It was so stunning that i kept standing there for few minutes till i got disturbed by the enthusiasm of few kids to touch the piece. Food is an art. It is not restricted by language, country, culture. It is adorned by the connoisseurs of love and life. P.S-”Love for Food (Series)” is a lore of my experience with food across countries, cities, town & cuisines. My love for food is captured in this series with unforgettable memoirs which keeps its taste lingering forever! Advertisements