Day: June 20, 2013

5 bits of wisdom from my visit to an old age home

Jeevan Asha (in English it means Hope for Life) is a home for aged and orphans in Mumbai. I got connected with this organization through my company during one of the CSR initiatives. In the past whenever I had the opportunity to volunteer for old age homes and orphanage, I have collected fond memories and some wonderful learning’s. Though I never got the opportunity to pen them down, this time I decided to share my experience through my blog. Here i am presenting a photo brief of my experience, but you can read the full story here – 5 things i learned from my visit to an old age home The 5 bits of wisdom: 1. Happiness is a state of mind 2. People don’t need gifts or money, they need your time 3. Help people, strangers too – that’s humanity 4. How we bid a farewell to the world is in our hands 5. Love your parents Advertisements