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Politically correct

“And she is politically agile” – read one of the statements from my 360 degree feedback. It look me few minutes to understand what that meant. My manager went on saying, that it means you are politically correct in your conversations or in other words very diplomatic.

Awesome! Is that a compliment or “area of improvement”. To people, who gave this feedback, it was supposedly a compliment. Looks like it is much appreciated in the corporate world, if you do not offend people so often and have an answer with “ifs” and “buts”. Every answer which is weighed a hundred times in your mind before you speak makes you a star. Really? I am not quite sure.

I came across this and i felt all together more heinous about being “Politically Correct”. This image would make us laugh and check which one is us!


Image by: Wrong Hands, politically correct monsters

Image by: Wrong Hands, politically correct monsters


I weigh my words before i speak every time not to be a smart ass, but out of fear of upsetting someone and telling them right on their face that you are stupid and stop being a jack ass. In fact when i am talking to people, i always feel there is a shadow lurking from behind that speaks what actually is going on in my mind. It speaks the words (loud & clear) which in reality get stuck somewhere between my throat and tongue! However, it is not that i haven’t tried to be curt or honest. I have my moments of truth, when i yell at people or frown and say how their ideas suck and their egos are disturbing everyone’s work. And then what follows is rolling eyes, smirks and silent applauds. At that moment i know i spoke, what many people sitting in the board room would have actually wanted to say, but they become politically correct and either shut their mouths or offer severely twisted honey coated words before the public.

However, political correctness does work many a times especially when you are working in large teams with different personalities, all with egos of their own. At the end of the day we are dealing with people, and people are – convinced self admirers. No one wants a bruised ego in public. There are very few who can actually take criticism positively and more importantly openly. But, political correctness is extremely dangerous if it is used to please people and delivers nothing else but shoddy results and failed projects.

I am really confused about this characteristic. If you become blunt, you ruffle feathers and people/colleagues dislike you and start a non-cooperative moment against you. And if you do become a diplomat you have many pleased egos but at the end of the day you walk away with a heavy heart and a mind full of questions validating your integrity or professional codes. So i have paved a middle way for myself. I am a Chameleon 😀 curt and honest when i know people should be told what they are doing wrong and how it is affecting the productivity of the group at large and i am a glib woman when i know that few slip of words here and there can ruin reputations and will have larger repercussions for people at stake.

I don’t know if i am a living impaired hemoglobin enthusiast or a lunar initiated transfigurement activist, but i am definitely a transmuted slick tongued ogre 😛 that dark side that comes lurking from our bodies every now and then…


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