Day: June 16, 2013

Politically correct

“And she is politically agile” – read one of the statements from my 360 degree feedback. It look me few minutes to understand what that meant. My manager went on saying, that it means you are politically correct in your conversations or in other words very diplomatic. Awesome! Is that a compliment or “area of improvement”. To people, who gave this feedback, it was supposedly a compliment. Looks like it is much appreciated in the corporate world, if you do not offend people so often and have an answer with “ifs” and “buts”. Every answer which is weighed a hundred times in your mind before you speak makes you a star. Really? I am not quite sure. I came across this and i felt all together more heinous about being “Politically Correct”. This image would make us laugh and check which one is us!     I weigh my words before i speak every time not to be a smart ass, but out of fear of upsetting someone and telling them right on their face …

Old Memories

“Few broken bricks and some peeling plaster, Hues of black and sometimes white, A smile and then a glower. Leaning through the window of old memories, A step back and you walk with reality, a step further and you blend with the horizon like that twinkling star!” Though all my days start early mornings, holidays and weekends give me the lee way to laze around and catch up on some extra beauty sleep 😛 But this particular day in Pune I decided to climb a mountain with my hubby and a friend. And i couldn’t have asked for more. A beautiful old fort, right up, covered in fog. I wonder if I would have opted for sleep that day instead of this trip uphill, how would I have cherished this moment that’s engrained in my memories forever. When we procrastinate things we don’t know what passed by us, it’s only when we wake up to opportunities – to run, live, explore, we realize the treasures the world curls up.