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Old has to go to make space for new

I was tired of looking at my wardrobe. Same old clothes, same style, same colors, no freshness. And so I decided to throw away all my old clothes (to be honest I kept a couple to use them for house cleaning :-p ) so that I can go shopping and sort of ramp up my closet. I was thrilled and excited, though a little sad when I had to part with a couple of night dresses which were my partner since ages (college nostalgia). But overall the feeling was that of happiness. The radio was playing in the background and the RJ mentioned about a book called Shiva Trilogy (it’s been quite talked about these days in Indian Media). I have kept away from this book because it’s mythology, of which I am not a big fan. So, this lady on radio talked about a very interesting concept that the book defines – “destruction is necessary for the new life to come”!

Wow! And I felt I had this moment of truth with a halo on my head (sorry for being dramatic :D) and I thought to myself – this is so true, like if I do not throw away all my old clothes how will I get the new ones? Similarly if the old – material possessions, relationships, people, do not go away or get destroyed how will there be space for new ones. So correct and yet so difficult to digest. Especially when it comes to something we are really really attached to like relationships. I heard sad news of a friend’s father passing away. I was shocked, felt bad for her. I kept thinking to myself how miserable and depressed my friend would be. How difficult it would be to accept that the person you loved the most no longer exists in this world. You would never meet them again, they are just gone! And all a sudden I had my guts twisting in my stomach. Then I tried to calm down. And this is what I made myself to understand:

The moment we find it difficult to let go off old things, could be anything as I mentioned earlier – material possessions, relationships, people, think of your old clothes. How you just cannot bring in the new ones unless you let go off the old. It’s a part of change, for good. It’s difficult though, may seem impossible at times, but if we do not the old would rot and so would you because you love them so much that you cannot see them rot.



So on a cheerful note, next time you have to let go off a relationship or your beloved nurtured business idea or that project at work or maybe your sweet old night pants or shorts or t-shirt, just think of the adventure, excitement and freshness the new would bring in. Hope and anticipation helps us move ahead, for good.

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