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‘Knock’ ‘Knock’ Who’s at the door

Today it was a public holiday in Maharashtra. The good thing is i had an off and hence no work! I was totally exhilarated at the fact that I do not have to get up early in the morning and can sleep to my heart’s content πŸ™‚

Open eyes, look at clock, it’s 4 a.m, smile and sleep

Open eyes, look at clock, it’s 6 a.m, smile and get cosy in the quilt and think in the head-“yes! it’s a holiday!!!”

Open eyes, hear loud door bell, angry, I turn in the bed and decide not to get up.

The door bell goes again…WTF!! 8 a.m, a holiday, who the hell on earth is at the door. I decide the sinner to disturb my precious sleep should suffer and leave without meeting me. Hmm…perfect.

After few seconds, the door bell goes again, i give up and walk to the door, angry and half awake with armors on to put on a fight. I open the door and i see a smiling gentleman with a small packet. Looks like a Courier guy. He says “Sorry, ma’am to come so early, but it’s a holiday and you missed your courier yesterday. I did not want to make you wait for a day more”. He handed me the courier and greeted again and left. I was still at the door, struck with surprise! I see the packet, they were my cards, I have waited for them for such a long time! I was in tears, the man was so kind and i made him wait for so long!

Over a cup of my morning tea after the event, I was thinking, what if I would have not opened the door? I would have my cards after few more days, which would have added to my anxiety and restlessness to see them!

And my friends, this is what happens with most of the opportunities which come along our way. When opportunity knocks at our door, we are either sleeping, too lazy, too tired, angry or whatever but simply not willing to open the door. We think that it just might come later or maybe it’s not worth the effort. But unless you go out, open the door, see who’s there, how would you know if there is something good or bad? Many a times we miss the greatest of the opportunities because we are unwilling to explore. I got what I wanted because I took a little effort (though angrily) to answer the door bell, I still feel delighted about the fact that how that ‘Knock’ brought a sweet little surprise for me that day.

So, next time when you have a knock at your door, don’t wait, just explore, who knows, there is something that greets you and changes your life forever, for good!


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