Month: May 2013

First Rain

“Dark clouds, cold breeze & dancing trees, mellow sound of droplets clashing on leaves, roof and window crease, cloudburst that roars and the weather that cleanses your soul, I love rains because it makes everything beautiful and whole.” Today Mumbai saw its first rain of the year. And I am so thrilled when I post this picture here. I love rains. I have a special bonding with monsoon. I feel happy in this season. Rains make everything beautiful. Like it washes away all the dirt and dust and makes everything shine, rains cleanse my soul too. It fills me with happy thoughts, my creative juices flow. I welcomed the season through my window this morning at 5 a.m. and this picture is a glimpse of it. Many more beautiful posts and pictures to come this season. Happy Rains, Happy Monsoon! Advertisements

I need a mentor

We all look for mentors or guides through every stage of our career. Whether we are a student or a professional or an entrepreneur, we need someone to tell us what we are doing is right or not. But how much guidance is enough? Does it aids the entire process of our actions and thoughts or hinders our belief in what we do. As the adage goes that too much of everything is bad, too much of mentoring can also harm your ability to think or worse can dampen your self-confidence in ways you wouldn’t even be aware of. However I am not denying the possibilities mentoring brings with it – someone who does not protect, but makes you aware of the pit falls you will find on your way and guide you on how better a particular idea or project can be executed. Who you choose as a mentor is also very important. A mentor cannot be someone who does not have clarity of his own thoughts. The last thing you want on earth …

Love for food (series)

“Aromal tea, crisp croissants, mushy macaroons and a dash of bracing juice my day will begin on a blissful and sweet note “ This picture is clicked at Charles de Gaulle airport. There was this beautiful macaroon shop right in the middle of the airport which looked so inviting. But more than the shop I attracted to this gorgeous breakfast set up which would not make you leave unless you take a pick from the platter. Reminds me of a leisure morning on a holiday when you want to start your day amid luxury of food. Bon appétit

Solace in writing

Why do we write? To express. Most of the people would say that. And its 100% true. To me writing is like dancing or drawing where you are not bound by limits, you express what  you feel. I have also realized that for someone like me writing is a getaway for the unspoken words. I am not shy but I am very cautious to say what I want to, when and where. Does that bind me? At times yes. And when I write, there is no gauging of situation, you lay your words out on a plain canvas and let them take their own shape. At times these words lay a larger impact than what they would have left if spoken! Because when you talk you flow in emotions, so does when you write, but you have ample opportunities to correct yourself. At times when we meet people we just fall short of words, maybe we miss the spontaneity. But the moment we talk to the person in writing, in any form, message, text, letter, …

Home Sweet Home

  “My home is my paradise, my corner of solace where I can be myself, I can reflect and realize, it has a scent I can smell, it has a warmth I can cuddle, it’s my space, away from the wearied world..” This is a beautiful picture of a friend’s house in Farmington. I was at her house to spend a nice evening over wine, some delicious food and some hearty chat. It was sunset time and the fading rays of the day sun were falling on the table enhancing the beauty of the flowers and the space all together. The photograph inspires the emotions we go through when we are at home. Wherever we are in the world we have this undefined eagerness to get back home. Because home is the space built by us, meant for us and a place where we are just ourselves.