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The Art to let go

In my 6 years of work experience I would have gone through at least a dozen sessions or expert lectures on Time Management, and after each of these sessions I used to wonder what exactly was my take away except good food & drinks and some quick naps post lunch! And the day after I would enthusiastically try to implement or rather practice the lil tit bits I would have gathered from the experts and few days later I would swiftly seep back into my good old days of , running short on deadlines and complete chaos of managing my time.


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I am sure many of us would have experienced this some time or the other. My failed encounters with managing time have been so obnoxiously disastrous that now i had stopped thinking about it (at least actively) and stopped consulting anyone on this matter. But miraculously i had my “Eureka” moment few days back when i was having a conversation with my husband over a lazy morning cup of tea on Sunday. The topic of our discussion was my career path progression (i recently received my annual appraisal report :-p). I have observed some good progress there (my career path) but i was confused which opportunity to take now and what to “LET GO”. Yes my friends, that was the time i realized that how difficult it is to let go things which we really want to do, maybe because we love doing them or maybe to help a friend, family or colleague or just to impress someone or for whatever reason, we just cannot LET GO!!

So the entire fight is not against time management, but to find what we like the most and what we are ready to give up. Yes, i know we all want to be a superman and superwoman and do it all, but that’s not true, even superheros decide what they want to focus on and give up whats not a priority.

Fair enough. But the question persists, how do we do it?!

Imagine a situation where you have a real bad, aching throat and anything cold, even ice-creams (yes sad but true) are forbidden. Your Doctor has warned you that one more meeting with anything cold and you would be miserable for dunno how many more days or maybe weeks. What do we do? We immediately follow the instructions and get disciplined and avoid our beloved lovely ice creams! Our heart melts but yes we do it! Ever thought why? Because we don’t want to stay ill, we want to be fit, on our toes and enjoy our lives in prime. It’s exactly the same as thinking of defining priorities and making right use of your time. If you drag it more you know either you would quit, or kill yourself working several hours and crib about how your life sucks. Do we want to stay mentally ill like that? NO!

So every time you are trying to manage time and juggle between tasks, think of your tasks as food items and imagine you are sick; now pick only those foods which are necessary for you to get fit and leave or discard all those which are yummy and give eternal pleasure but would make you more sick. You would beΒ  grumpy a few days but when you would realize how better you feel about your days spent you will be proud of your sacrifice πŸ™‚



Time management is not a theory, it’s an art to be practiced, learned and relished, every bit of it!

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  1. madhuri bhatt says

    this one is too inspiring and honestly pondering over this blog , even I have realised to a major extent- where I need to improvise – the art to let go-as u have rightly named it- is a difficult one- but not impossible one. . .

    • That’s true! We just need to be a lil harsh on ourselves for our own good. The moment we learn this we become better at understanding what we really want and what we don’t.

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