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Colors of Gujarat

I have spent 18 years of my life in Gujarat (West of India). Brought up here and finished school and graduation. I have moved around various parts of the country (India) and one thing that i have never missed is to miss Gujarat. Be it the food, warm and friendly people, the culture, the spirit to celebrate festivals everything has grown in me and has become an indispensable part of my life. This week I had a business trip to Ahmedabad and decided to capture the spirit of the city/state in pictures. Law garden is one of the most famous street markets in Ahmedabad. From Jewellery, bed sheets to Chanya Choli (it’s a skirt with a short top and stole worn especially during Navratri, which is a festival famous for its dance form Garba which is a way to worship goddess “Amba”) and gifting items, you get it all. The work on all these items is of threads, its called “Kachchhi” which originates in Kutch (a district in Gujarat). Women work for several hours and produce some of the most intrinsic and colorful designs ever. You will be mesmerized with the beauty their work portrays. So here is my photo essay on the street market of Ahmedabad  at Law Garden.
“Walking down the memory lane,
joy, nostalgia, happiness all at once…my steps are pacing”
“Clothes, bags and knick knacks
the lane has much more than material it beholds colorful memories”

“My memories fade and then become strong, is this what I used to wear in the festival?!
Yes! They still look so gorgeous and beautiful”
I sell art, I make women more beautiful, everyday”

These are beautiful bed sheets made of Bharat work (a type of embroidery). Elephants, camels, men and women in traditional outfits (mostly dancing), flower patterns are the most common symbols you would see 

This bed sheet is a mix work where you would see birds, animals, gods (Lord Krishna & Lord Ganapati) all woven in one piece. They individually might not make any sense but the sheet looks so beautiful. A piece worth a buy

Such hand-made wall hangings are very famous in Gujarat. You would see them displayed in many homes. Most of the times they are made by the women of the house. In smaller towns and villages many women make a living out of this. These hangings come in several shapes, form and colors.
“I swing and dance, I am laden with colors, I look gorgeous in this anyway
my outfit dances to my rhythm, it shares my spirit of  Celebration”
This is a typical Chanya Choli as I mentioned above. They come in various gorgeous colors, with flowers, threads, hangings and whatever accessories or decoration you could imagine. Women just cannot look ugly in this one 🙂
“Of beads, gems and threads”
Accessories which mainly compliment the Chanya Choli. They look beautiful with traditional Indian wear too like Saree and Salwar Kameez
These are Tika. They are worn in hair and fall on your temple, a little above the middle of your eyebrows
This is a Jewellery box and has peacock and flowers designed on it. This delicate work is called Mina. Mostly comes from the artisans of Gujarat and Rajasthan

All the above pictures give a flavor of the Colors which you would experience as a part of the Gujarati Culture. These colors are a symbol of exuberance the City radiates!

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      • Hyderabad, it is a small indoor market in HiTech city that sells such colourful paraphernalia from the Kutch region and Rajasthan

  1. Eileen Layer Hawxhurst (Facebook) says

    Do you sell any colorful rugs, runners, roun throw rus or WALL HANGINGS?
    I Absolutely love your sense of colors, especially red tones. Please direct me to any more of your work or things you think I might be interested in.
    Thank you, Eileen

  2. Sudha says

    Hi Reema,
    These are incredible- just love them! Thanks very much for sharing!
    I am wondering where I can find these in Mumbai- or if there is a way I could order online. Any thoughts please? Thanks again, Sudha

    • Hi Sudha, these are very Gujarat specific. Honestly have never seen them in Mumbai. If you have some time why don’t you make a day trip to Ahmedabad from Mumbai? You can take morning Shatabdi, reach Ahmedabad, shop and then return by evening or night train. There are plenty of train options between Ahmedabad and Mumbai. You can check on irctc 🙂 Go to law garden and you will see all these on the side of the road 🙂

  3. Sudha says

    I am visiting India and will be here only until June 15th. Thanks 🙂

  4. ayeshaazwar says

    nice topic can i get more images of clothes i need them for my class project?

    • Hi Ayesha,
      Sorry for the delayed response. Do you still need the pictures? If so please send me an email at reemasatheatgmaildotcom and I will send them across

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