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When a Marketer became an HR

Today was an insightful day for me. My friend cum colleague who is in Human Resources (HR) & an expecting mom, is on leave, so she requested me to help her arrange an employee engagement activity in the office. My first reaction – Wwaaaaaaatttttttttt!!! I am in Marketing, how am I supposed to handle something related to HR and more so with people, a whole lot of them! So after a few phone calls and emails I finally said a “Yes”.

The preparations began yesterday, I bought gifts for a small competition, colors etc and convinced few more colleagues to help me arrange the rest of the stuff. The night before I was tossing in the bed thinking, would people listen to me if I invite them to take part in the event, would there be any participation AT ALL, what if no one even responds and shrug my words? What will I tell my friend that I am a complete dumb ass who could not arrange a small event?! GOSH!

But finally the event turned out well, with participation – more than what I expected, we clicked pictures, ate food and celebrated like any other activity/celebration in the office that the “REAL” HR team members managed.

Now when I am thinking about this, I am glad I accepted this task. It’s not about helping others, it’s about getting yourself out of your comfort zone. At times when we do the same, thing or work day in and day out, we tend to get complacent, too cozy in our small little corner and too familiar with what we know to do best. “Jerk” like this helps us understand how we would react if we are in a completely new situation, how we would handle a larger audience and how we would put pieces together to make a complete picture. More so, it also helps us realize or understand how people manage their own work and have their unique set of challenges.

Have you ever cribbed about how others in the office work less and how you are the most hard-working, company loyal employee who your organization be grateful for? Well, it’s for all of such self victims like us. It makes us understand that unless we are not in a similar situation we are often apathetic to what others go through.

Such out of the box experiences help us, be more humble, more grounded and more appreciative of all sorts of people around us and the awesome distinctive work they do!

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