Month: March 2013

When it’s “NOT SO OBVIOUS”

“Ah! You don’t know that? It’s so obvious!”. More often than not this is the response to my questions (both spoken and unspoken) when I converse with people who are from a diverse background or to be more specific not from the same profession as mine. One of the most recent incidences happened when i was talking to a web designer, who is a freelancer. I wanted to know if he works alone or has some partners to work on different portions of web designing, so i asked him “Who does the illustrations?” and the guy rolled his eyes and said “Of course an illustrator!”. Really! I thought it’s done by a hair dresser! This is not uncommon. Many of us would have experienced this sometime or the other. And more importantly we would have reciprocated the same when we think the obvious questions are too lame to answer. My one sentence message to all of us who intentionally or unintentionally are likely to repeat this behavior in future  – “NO, ITS NOT SO OBVIOUS” …

Mother and Child

“A mother teaches a child to stand up, be curious &  to live, A child teaches a mother to be selfless, patient & to love (unconditionally) “ This picture was clicked at a farm called Saguna Baug near Mumbai. I went there to spend a day with nature and spotted this flock of ducks near a pond. This picture reminds me of the most beautiful relationship in this world, that of a mother and child. A child teaches a mother emotions, which she would have never experienced before and a mother teaches a child emotions, that set the foundation of his or her life!

A Trip to Ceylon

My trip to the island of gems had a perfect timing, 14 Feb (the famous Valentine’s Day) and I found my new love, Colombo. I took an odd flight at 2 am and I reached Colombo from Mumbai in time shorter than what it takes to reach Pune! Just before landing I peeked excitedly out of the window of the plane (as always to see the early glimpse of the terrain where I am landing) and I could only see water and few twinkling lights (ships and lighthouse) and I was totally thrilled. It had rained that morning and the weather was humid (reminded me of Mumbai). A big vehicle came to pick me up and swoosh I was off to my hotel. I stayed at Renuka City Hotel on Galle road, a nice cozy modern property. I dumped myself on the bed and took a quick nap to prepare myself for a series of business meetings, and more importantly the city visit after that. In the evening i took a tuk tuk and started …

When a Marketer became an HR

Today was an insightful day for me. My friend cum colleague who is in Human Resources (HR) & an expecting mom, is on leave, so she requested me to help her arrange an employee engagement activity in the office. My first reaction – Wwaaaaaaatttttttttt!!! I am in Marketing, how am I supposed to handle something related to HR and more so with people, a whole lot of them! So after a few phone calls and emails I finally said a “Yes”. The preparations began yesterday, I bought gifts for a small competition, colors etc and convinced few more colleagues to help me arrange the rest of the stuff. The night before I was tossing in the bed thinking, would people listen to me if I invite them to take part in the event, would there be any participation AT ALL, what if no one even responds and shrug my words? What will I tell my friend that I am a complete dumb ass who could not arrange a small event?! GOSH! But finally the event …

Connected lives

“The beauty lies in growing together, mutual care & dependence, alone we would have been a tree and creeper together we are an art of nature” This picture is of a mango tree right outside our office in Colombo (Sri Lanka). A mango tree has never caught my eye before like this, because it has never looked so lush green and opulent. The creeper might not hold any significance alone but they together looked like a live painting. True piece of nature’s art!