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Hidden Gem

I am good at marketing, but I guess maybe a little better at communication or oh, I didn’t realize I write decent too but what about that photo blog? I think people like my clicks!…………these are the myriad thoughts that cross my mind now and then when I am thinking and analyzing what exactly I want to do with my life! But did you know that as a child and teenager I always wanted to become a doctor!

At times I am just sheer amused by the potential of thoughts on what I can do. I just finished one of the courses on lean startups at Skillshare by Ash Maurya. He defines in one of his classes, the concept of hill climbing (HC) used in mathematical optimization.  When I saw that slide I was already imagining something else, here what it is:

As we grow we are not really sure what we want to do in our lives (perennial confusion), so we try, we fail or do well a bit, then we tweak things here and there and just keep doing things one after the other, till we reach a plateau. So,as explained in ash’s class, if you were blind folded and asked to climb a hill, you will reach the peak of the small hill and you will declare – “this is it”, I have reached the peak of my life. I am successful.


We convince ourselves that this is the best we could have ever achieved in life. I will call that spot the “awesome zone”. We stay there and vegetate for the rest of our life, but what if someone opens that blind fold and we see the taller mountain right in front of us and the peak right at the top! First reaction F#@*! “I never thought this even existed”.            I call this place “THE HIDDEN GEM”.


When we become complacent; we become blindfolded and it prevents us from seeing all the possibilities in life. We don’t even know if we have en-cashed our full potential, or worse if we have missed or overlooked some of the best talents we have, which we probably thought never existed! But what if we just keep walking, explore new paths, new avenues and JUST KEEP WALKING. Let’s not be blindfolded and go that little extra mile and maybe we all discover that “HIDDEN GEM”, maybe we discover that unseen that adds value and keeps us content and motivated!

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Founder, Happy Roots. Passionate about agriculture, social change and rural economic development. I am on a mission to address the biggest problems faced by small and marginal farmers in India with technology and supply chain efficiencies. I work with small and tribal farmers across Maharashtra and help them connect directly with end consumers in high potential urban markets. At Happy Roots we not only build market linkages for our farmers but help them train and upgrade their skills so that we can nurture the next breed of micro entrepreneurs.

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