Day: February 23, 2013


“My mornings are unlike the night, calm yet ready for the bustle. I wake up to sun, land and water. I am torn the entire day, but i never sleep….i am the city of dreams” This picture is clicked early one morning while driving towards Malabar Hills in South of Mumbai. I have never seen such serene morning before, in the city. The water is calm, the sight vast and the sun inspiring energy. Advertisements

Hidden Gem

I am good at marketing, but I guess maybe a little better at communication or oh, I didn’t realize I write decent too but what about that photo blog? I think people like my clicks!…………these are the myriad thoughts that cross my mind now and then when I am thinking and analyzing what exactly I want to do with my life! But did you know that as a child and teenager I always wanted to become a doctor! At times I am just sheer amused by the potential of thoughts on what I can do. I just finished one of the courses on lean startups at Skillshare by Ash Maurya. He defines in one of his classes, the concept of hill climbing (HC) used in mathematical optimization.  When I saw that slide I was already imagining something else, here what it is: As we grow we are not really sure what we want to do in our lives (perennial confusion), so we try, we fail or do well a bit, then we tweak things here …