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                                                                                                                           faces1“My expressions are louder than my words.

The lines on my face show the years i have withered, my sullen eyes show the stories i have gathered,      

my face….says it all”

I took this picture at Kelkar Studio in Goa. It was monsoon and hence an off-season for travelers. The studio, with an attached restaurant, was closed but few art pieces still existed near the porch. This art piece told the story of once busy and happy place which was waiting to see the kaleidoscope of emotions again.

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Founder, Happy Roots. Passionate about agriculture, social change and rural economic development. I am on a mission to address the biggest problems faced by small and marginal farmers in India with technology and supply chain efficiencies. I work with small and tribal farmers across Maharashtra and help them connect directly with end consumers in high potential urban markets. At Happy Roots we not only build market linkages for our farmers but help them train and upgrade their skills so that we can nurture the next breed of micro entrepreneurs.

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